Hi lovelies. I have discovered some cheap body fragrances that I think some of you might like so here they are.

I thought these would be worth a go at just £1 each, but now they are just a crazy 75p each!

Chic Dream Bergamot & Berries I think would suit all ages and could be worn day or night. It has a slight warmth to it, but it's not overly heavy.

Classic Musk I really didn't like much. It smelt too much like hairspray. Very synthetic and cheap.

Paradise Shores Citrus & Red Berries is lovely. It has a zesty much more fun and youthful aroma. It's definitely more on the fruity side and my favourite of the three scents.

These do also come in these fragrances:

Floral Love Violets & Mandarin

Euphoric Mist Fruit & Sweet Amber

Pure Noir Vanilla & Juicy Peach

I know I didn't like the musk scent, but for fragrances this cheap I think they are worth giving a go.

Share your favourite body fragrances in the comments.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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