NOTD: Red With White Polka Dots

Hi you wonderful lovelies. I always feel much better after painting my nails and wanted to show you how I painted them today.

Firstly I applied this gorgeous rosy red classic shade from The shade is called Signal Red. I purchased this at a beauty/fashion show before I began blogging so I am not too sure of the price. Unfortunately the website does not show you prices unless you log in, sorry. I applied two coats here. It went on very smoothly. I think this looks very nice as it is, but to pep it up a bit I added a bit more.

Next I used my Nails Supreme Nail Art Pen in White. As you can see I did 3 rows of 3 dots with 2 rows of 2 dots in between them. I hope that makes sense. I think it's a simple, but effective look. 

You simply pop the top off of the pen, squeeze the pen a little and dot onto your nail. I always do a couple of dots on my hand first to get used to the pressure before applying this to my nails and to release any trapped air in the pen. 

If you were to unscrew the pen there is a brush inside so that you can use it as a nail polish too. This pen is from the Nails Supreme Silver Gloss Range which includes a pack of ten nail art pens in various colours for £19.99. Please see the link here :) 

I also have the Nails Supreme Gold Shimmer Range which is also £19.99. Please see the link here :)

These nail art pens are what first sparked my interest in nail art. I think that they are perfect for beginners of nail art and at approximately £2 per nail art pen they are fab!

Are you a fan of nail art? What are your favourite nail art pens? Have you used these or other pens and come up with some great designs?

Love to you all


  1. Love this look! it's very retro and girly

  2. @Sharon - Thanks Sharon. I will check out your blog :)


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