My 1st Olympia Beauty Visit/Haul

Hello Sweethearts. I hope you are all well? I attended Olympia Beauty for the first time on Sunday 18th September and had a great day. I got so many fab purchases that I thought you may like to see.

Me getting ready to go. Now onto my purchases :)

These Queen Nail Lacquers were £1.20 each, but if you bought 5 you got 1 free so I paid £6.00 for all of them. Such a cheap price and fab colours, but they do not have names/numbers. I have never heard of Queen before and I am not sure where you can buy them, sorry.

I do not own any China Glaze Nail Lacquers so I just had to get these to try. These were £3.95 each. Left-Right: Purple Panic (Neon), Pool Party, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini & Shocking Pink (Neon). Here is a link to the China Glaze website Link :).

O.P.I. Nail Lacquers in Left-Right: Color So Hot It Berns, My Chihuahua Bites!, Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It, OPI On Collins Ave. & Bright Lights - Big Color.

O.P.I. Nail Lacquers in Left-Right: That's Berry Daring, Altar Ego, Pink Flamenco, Princesses Rule!, Charged Up Cherry, Rosy Future, Señorita Rose-Alita & Got A Date To-Knight!

O.P.I. Nail Lacquers in Left-Right: Purple With A Purpose, Mod About You, The Color To Watch, Steady As She Rose & A Grape Fit!

O.P.I. Nail Lacquers in Left-Right: Blue My Mind, Dating A Royal, Funny Bunny, DS Bold, Bring On The Bling & Blue Shatter.

As you may be able to tell I went a bit crazy at the Lena White O.P.I. stand. I have never tried an O.P.I. polish before either and as they are spoken so highly of I just couldn't resist getting such a huge variety. These were £5.70 each. Here is a link to the Lena White OPI UK website Link :).

These Brushes were from Crown Brush. The two on the left were either £3/4? The large brush on the right was £9 and is so soft. There were no names/numbers on these brushes.

This brush was also from Crown Brush. This is called IB119 Deluxe Crease. This was either £3/4? Here is a link to the Crown Brush website Link :).

These Girls With Attitude Designer Tattoos were only £1 per pack so I got two. I think they will be really pretty around the wrist. See the link here for their website Link :).

This Glitter Body Art Kit contains 20 stencils, 7 pots of glitter, 1 bottle of adhesive and a set of 3 brushes. This I believe cost £12. I have had one of these butterfly tattoos put on my hand at another show before and thought it may be fun to try myself. The glitters I can use for nails or make-up too so I think it was worth getting. 

I also bought some tattoo stencils and glitters that were not included within the kit. Left-Right: 13 stencils, Glitters in Black, Red, Gun Metal, Raspberry Dazzle, Gold Dazzle & Royal Blue. I think this was 4 stencils for £1.00. I got 1 free. I also believe it was 5 glitters for £5.00. I got 1 glitter free. Here is a link to the website here Link :).

These StarGazer Permanent Tattoo Pens come in a variety of colours and I got most of them. I also got the Correction Pen as I am sure I will make mistakes. I thought this would be another fun way of experimenting at creating my own tattoo designs and great for some of the shades to double up as eye liner/lip liner. Although they say permanent the swatches I did on my wrist at the show came off when I had a shower so do not let this worry you.

Left-Right: StarGazer Violet Mascara, StarGazer 106 lipstick, StarGazer Glitter Shakers in UV Pink & UV Yellow.

In total I paid £60.00 for all of the StarGazer products. I think they charged me a bit less than they should have as I bought so much and they threw in this bag too. Here is a link to their website Link :).

Peggy Sage Paris Eyeliner in Ocean. This eyeliner is a fantastically bold blue. I had not heard of Peggy Sage before so I bought 4 of these in case I didn't find them anywhere. I am that in love with this colour and at £4.40 each I thought they were a steal. Unfortunately the website is down so I can not put a link in, sorry.

It was so busy at Olympia Beauty, but so worth going. I only wish that I had now attended the Make Up Theatre to see David Horne from Illamasqua and Louise Constad from MAC, but I got so wrapped up in all the lovely things that I missed the seminars.

Please note that all the prices in this post are what I paid on the day and may vary from the usual pricing!

Did you attend Olympia Beauty? What wonderful things did you buy? Did you attend any of the seminars? If so, did you find them interesting? 

Love to you all




  1. Wow, you got loads :) Lovely collection of OPI too. You look lovely bdw, adore your hair xx

  2. @Misseblog - Yeah I did go a bit crazy, haa haa. Thank you for the compliments Sweetie xx

  3. That's a haul and a half! Thanks for the OPI link. Where did you get your scarf from? It's gorgeous!

  4. @Gaelle- The Make up Fairy - No probs Sweetie. I bought it at The Vitality Show. Not sure of the brand as I think I cut the label off. If the label is still there I will let you know x


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