Red Herring at Debenhams Kohl Liners

Hello Darlings. Today I want to talk about some kohl liners that I bought around Xmas time. I had some points on my Debenhams Beauty Reward Card and thought I would put them to good use. I saw this pack of 11 kohl liners from Red Herring at Debenhams for £5 and thought I just had to have them.

Swatches as above. They do not have individual names/numbers

So my thoughts on these pencils are not good. I really had to press quite firmly on my hand to do these swatches and when you are applying them to the eye area it is not so easy to do this. These pencils are not smooth. They dray along the skin and are very bitty which I hope you can see in the swatches. The pigmentation is not great as you can not press this firmly around your eyes. I even tried the trick of warming them for a few seconds with the flame of a lighter to soften them, but this did nothing at all. My final bug bear is that the lids do not stay on at all. I pressed hard on the one at the end on the right one day as this was bugging me so much and cracked it (see top photo). So in other words these are going in the bin. I really don't see the point in asking my family/friends if they want to try them as they simply do not do their job. I know they were only £5 of my Beauty Club Reward Card points, but that's £5 I could have put towards something much nicer.

Have you tried any other Red Herring products? Are they of the same quality?

Love to you all


  1. Can tell for the swatches that this liners are hard to work with a shame. My favourite liner is the revlon colorstay :)

  2. @Beautyshades - I will have a look at that Hun. Thanks x

  3. Oh no :( they are pretty colours too xx


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