NOTD: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hello my gorgeous loves. I had to pop to the high street today and while I was there I picked up my Breast Cancer Campaign pin as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

This inspired me to do something a little different with my nails tonight. Other than a base coat and top coat I used these items.

Self Adhesive Sparkly Stickers from Poundland & E.L.F. Nail Polish in Fair Pink. I could not find these stickers on the Poundland website, but here is a link to the nail polish.

Firstly I applied my usual Rimmel base coat. Then I applied 3 coats of the E.L.F. Nail Polish as it's a lovely creamy, light pink colour, but it does apply thinly. This makes it look streaky which is why I applied 3 coats. I then applied the stickers with the letters B C A M (for Breast Cancer Awareness Month) and a pink stud to each pinkie. I applied one set of letters facing towards me on one hand and away from me on the other. I then applied my Seche Vite top coat. Please excuse the smudges on the nails as it really was not easy to apply these stickers to my own nails when I had just painted them. Also my Seche Vite has gone a bit gloopy. 

I have not been personally affected by Breast Cancer, but I can only say that my thoughts and hope are with those that are or have been affected by it. For more information take a peek at

We have a cake sale at work tomorrow. Are you involved in any events to raise awareness and donations for this campaign?

Love to you all


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