Xmas Gift Idea

Hello again. This is my second post for today. I wanted to share with you some products that I have bought for myself, but I think would make a great stocking filler present at Xmas.

All candles are from 99p Stores apart from the two tinned candles on the right which are from Poundland

I could not find the 99p Stores candles on the website, but as you can guess these were 99p each. Here is a link to the type of candles sold in Poundland, Link :) which are £1.00 each.

All of these candles have amazing scents and are such a good price. I love that there is an M&M's one too :) There are so many more scents than I have here, but these were definitely my favourites.

I will be using mine for chilling in the bath or just to fill the room with a gorgeous scent as I think it's nice to do that, especially at Xmas time. I really think these would make a nice present for someone at Xmas as well. I would be happy to receive one of these at Xmas :)

Have you got any Xmas present ideas that are a budget price? Would you be happy to receive something like this?

Love to you all


  1. What a bargain! They look really nice!

  2. @Gaelle- The Make up Fairy - Thanks Hun. They smell delicious x


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