My Xmas Presents: Part 1

Hey Beauties. It's so cold today. Errands are run. Glad I am indoors now. I hope you are all well. I got so many lovely presents for Xmas that I can't wait to show you, but I am having to do it in two parts as half are at my house and the other half at my other half's. These are presents from my lovely Mum and friends.

If you haven't guessed already I am a massive Hello Kitty fan. I am so excited that I have some lovely items from the Hello Kitty Liberty Collection, but of course all of it is fab. I actually received two of the toothbrushes. I am using one at my other half's house though. I will be using the mug, plate and bowl at work. I ate the chocolate buttons with some yoghurt last night, yum yum :)

I absolutely loved the Gorgeous By Gok Wan products that I received last Xmas so I'm really pleased that this collection was released again this year. The Sweet Snuggles products smell so edible. I love the little spatula with the Raspberry Bath Salts. So cute :) I also got some great essentials here and some fab eyelashes.

I had a bath yesterday using my Planet Spa Thailand Lotus Flower Bath Petals. They smell nice enough, but the real kick I get from these is that they make my bath look pretty. They do foam up pretty well and dissolve in the water so no cleaning up afterwards :)

I love all things warming as I hate being cold more than anything else in the world so these Sweet Snuggles Cosy Socks and this heatable elephant are very welcome gifts. Mum buys me a calender every year which I always look forward to as I'm an organised freak. This make-up palette I might leave at work as it's so slim it won't take up much room in my desk drawer. I have always liked candles so the tea light holders and the heart lantern I will use a lot. I told my friend about this gorgeous clutch when I spotted it in a couple of magazines and she picked it up for me :)

Mum bought me this beauty case/trolley. She obviously thinks I take my blogging very seriously, ha ha ;) It is really cool as it has various compartments, splits in half and it's pink! As I mentioned it's a trolley with an extendable handle. It does also come with a strap to attach to the top half (not shown) and it can be locked to keep my goodies safe.

As I mentioned this is just part 1 of my Xmas presents. I will hopefully show you part 2 next week as I'm not at home to take the photos. As you can imagine I did not want to look up the prices of my gifts as I don't want to offend the people who bought them for me. A massive thank you to Mum and my friends for all the gifts shown here and to everyone else who bought gifts for me. I promise to show them off soon :)

What wonderful things did you give or receive for Xmas? I hope you had a lovely festive period.

Love to you all


  1. Wow, you've got alot gorgeous ;)
    Nice presents! I am sure you have a lot of fun with it ;)

  2. @makeupbywanncha - I know I'm so lucky and that's not even all of it. I certainly won't have to buy any beauty products for a while ;) xx

  3. I could really do with a case like that for my makeup!

  4. @Summer Loren - Yeah Baby. Gotta love HK xx

  5. Oooo that looks great! I got some of the hello kitty liberty stuff too as I also love HK :)
    I ended up getting a lot of lush stuff in the sale so like you I won't have to buy any smellies for a long time hehe :) x

  6. @Emsilly - A fellow HK fan, yay ;) I don't really shop in Lush, but I keep thinking I should xx


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