Friends Can Show Love Too

Hey Everyone. This is a quick post today. I don't like how Valentine's Day can make some people feel bad or lonely. I think it's nice to celebrate it whether you are in a relationship or not. I went with a couple of girls from work on Thursday at lunch time to our local Mexican restaurant for a girly Valentine's lunch (We do it early in case we have plans on the day). We did it last year so I think this could be a continued trend. One of them bought myself and my other friend a couple of Valentine's related gifts which was really sweet.

The keyring I have pinned to a board at my desk, the roses are for myself and the other friend to share. We sit next to each other at work so they are between us. I am saving the chocolate lolly for Valentine's Day.

We were each given a free 'Sex On The Beach' cocktail too as my friend found a cocktail stick in her burrito.

I think it's lovely to spend time with friends you love as well as the one you are in love with. So if you are single feel the love this Valentine's Day or if you are in a relationship and not going to be spoilt by your man or woman then spoil yourself :)

Big Love To You All, Mwah

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