Feelunique February Beauty Box

Yippee it's Friday! Let's here it for the weekend people. Today I am going to show you the products I received in my February Feelunique Beauty Box. 

Left To Right: Decleor Phytopeel Face Peel Cream, Link :), Philip Kingsley Maximizer, Link :), Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse OR Multi-Usage Dry Oil Golden Shimmer, Link :), Elemis Sp@Home Lime and Ginger Hand and Body Wash, Link :), Leighton Denny High Performance Colour (Steel Appeal), Link :), Jean Paul Gaultier Kokorico Eau De Toilette, Link :)

Decleor Phytopeel Face Peel Cream ~ £23.40 for 50ml

The Information:

A soft cream formula which exfoliates and smoothes the epidermis. It gently absorbs and eliminates impurities, and does not contain exfoliating particles, the gentlest and most natural way to renew your skin. It helps cleanse skin and removes impurities, removes dead skin cells and helps stimulate the cellular renewal process. Your clean, healthy and smooth skin recovers its even texture and has a healthy glow. A perfect at-home peel.


Use once or twice a week. Apply a generous layer to face and neck. Allow to dry. Gently massage, using upward circular movements. Remove excess with a cotton pad soaked in Tonifying Lotion.

Ingredients: Essential Oils of Marjoram, Lavender, Thyme and Lemon, Plant Extracts of Burdock, Elder Tree and Mallow, Green Clay. 

This is a pasty white cream that went a bit flaky when I rubbed it into my hand to much. Apply it as a mask and it will be fine. It has a pleasant scent. I am looking forward to trying this on a pamper day :)

Philip Kingsley Maximizer ~ £11.20 for 125ml / £18.70 for 250ml

The Information:

Super volume for fine hair. Maximises volume and adds body and bounce, control and shine. Ideal for limp, flyaway hair. Helps prolong the life of colour treatments. This product is a Vogue Beauty Award 2010 Winner. 


Spray onto your roots for lift or throughout lengths before styling for overall volume & control or gently blow dry for maximum volume.

This sounds like it does what most spray volumiser's do. I will try it out.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse OR Multi-Usage Dry Oil Golden Shimmer ~ £23.70 for 50ml / £38.00 for 100ml

The Information:

Multi-usage dry oil. Golden Shimmer. For face, body and hair. Huile Prodigieuse OR is a dry oil with a unique super-activated formula combining 30% Precious Plant Oils and Vitamin E to nourish, repair and soften face, body and hair in a single gesture.


Face and body are soft and velvety. Hair is supple, glossy and full of volume. Thanks to its small golden particles, your skin glitters and reveals its beauty whenever you move.


A unique cocktail of 6 Precious Plant Oils (Borage, St Johnswort, Sweet Almond, Camellia, Hazelnut, Macadamia) with a subtle fragrance for a velvety skin, silky hair and an improved overall aspect of stretch marks. Its iridescent golden particles illuminates all skin and hair types with shiny reflections.

This oil is suitable for all skin and hair types regardless of age (from 36 months onwards).


Apply on face, body and hair throughout the year, summer and winter alike. Can also be used after sun exposure for a unique dazzling and enhancing effect.


- Ruffle your hair for a dazzling effect.

- Massage your legs in upward motions for an enhanced firmness and a “silk tights” effect. The reflection of its golden particles subtly conceals little skin imperfections.
- Apply some Huile Prodigieuse OR to enhance your tan. 

This product gives a sheen to the skin rather than the pure shimmer I usually associate with this type of product. I think this will be interesting to try as a face highlighter, lip enhancer and to give my skin a nice glow. It is quite expensive though.

Elemis Sp@Home Lime and Ginger Hand and Body Wash ~ £18.40 for 300ml

The Information:

A Refreshing and reviving wash. This fresh hand and body wash is a beautiful exotic fragrance of lime, vetiver, petitgrain and ginger essential oils, combined with plant extracts of thyme, nettle and chamomile, in a soya, wheat and milk protein base. This skin friendly formula is deep cleansing, whilst the rich creamy lather is super gentle, leaving your skin feeling fresh, clean, soft and nourished.


Use Elemis Sp@Home Lime and Ginger Hand and Body Wash in the shower morning and evening, or as a hand wash throughout the day.


Lime, Vetiver, Petitgrain, Ginger, Thyme, Nettle, Soy, Wheat & Milk Proteins and Chamomile.

The Elemis Promise - Elemis Sp@Home Lime and Ginger Hand and Body Wash is free from: parabens, SLS, SLES, DEA, mineral oils, artificial colours & silicones. 

This wash is in the same family as Molton Brown's re-charge black pepper bodywash, Link :) with regards to scent. I would say that as with the Molton Brown bodywash these are both more masculine scents. I think the Elemis body wash can be used unisex as the Molton Brown product is.

Leighton Denny High Performance Colour (Steel Appeal) ~ £18.00 for Leighton Denny Sweet Petites High Performance Colour Nautical Collection (Includes Shades Steel Appeal, Miss Behavin', Natural White & Provocative. All 4.6ml each)

The Information:

The Leighton Denny Sweet Petites High Performance Colour Nautical Collection includes:

- Leighton Denny High Performance Colour Steel Appeal 4.6ml

A neutral grey that complements black perfectly and has a soft shimmering tone.

- Leighton Denny High Performance Colour Miss Behavin' 4.6ml

Try something a little different and choose midnight blue nails. Miss Behavin' was a seasonal shade so popular it had to be kept in the core range.

- Leighton Denny High Performance Colour Natural White 4.6ml

This delicate shade can be worn alone or as the tip for a natural looking French or American Manicure.

- Leighton Denny High Performance Colour Provocative 4.6ml

A classic red and the perfect shade to complement the 'little black dress'.

High performance nail colour. Easy to apply, long-lasting and chip resistant. Colour that doesn't fade and keeps a high gloss shine day after day.


Ensure nail tips are smooth and even and the nails are clean, dry and free from any oily residue. Apply a base coat to the nail and allow to dry.

The Leighton Denny base coat, Undercover, dries matt to help grip nail colour and tell you that it is time to apply the nail colour. Roll the colour bottle between the hands to mix it up; never shake it as this can cause air bubbles.

Apply two thin coats over the base coat rather than one thick coat. This helps reduce chipping and extend wear time. Wipe one side of the brush on the neck of the bottle so it holds just enough to cover one nail. Present the brush to the nail about 2mm away from the cuticle then push the brush towards the cuticle before making the usual sweep back towards the tip.

Ideally, finish with Crystal Finish topcoat to help seal the colour and again extend wear time. Tidy any mistakes with the Precision Corrector Liquid. Dip the brush into the bottle then use the brush like an eraser to remove and tidy.

For the fastest finish, drip a little Miracle Drops over the polish to speed up drying time. 

This is a quite seductive shade. This would be great on a night out when you just want to rock!

Jean Paul Gaultier Kokorico Eau De Toilette ~ £31.05 for 50ml / £45.90 for 100ml

The Information:

A powerful, dynamic, aphrodisiac fragrance: the raw cocoa bean collides with the sprightly freshness of the fig leaf and livens up the timeless elegance of woods. A striking and unusual bottle. With a trick of the eye a man's face is shown when viewed from the front and turns into a sexy and virile torso in profile.

Olfactory family: Woody Cocoa.
Top notes: Fig Leaf.
Middle notes: Raw Cocoa Bean.
Base notes: Woods.

I am really confused as to why I would want a men's fragrance? I will give it to my boyfriend if he wants it. I do like the scent though.

So that's it my loves. I will not link the Feelunique website for you to sign up for this Beauty Box service as for now they have terminated it. They are looking to launch a new and improved service in the coming months so I will look out for that.

What products did you receive in your Feelunique Beauty Box this month? Were you happy with them? Will you be looking to replace your Feelunique Beauty Box with another or are you going to wait for the relaunch?



  1. That's an amazing box, so much variety and decent-sized samples. If you don't mind me asking, what was the monthly subscription cost before?
    My Beauty Junction

    1. I believe it was about £10, but they stopped selling them. I am subscribed to GlossyBox which is still going strong though.


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