Pumpkin Playtime

Hi Beauties. It's nearly Monday already wow. Here is something that will hopefully brighten up my working week next week. I noticed that Morrisons are selling pumpkins very cheaply at the moment. I bought two for £1.00 each. The larger ones are £2.00 each. I bought two as I wanted one for work and one for at home. I asked my work colleagues if they wanted to get the smaller ones for our desks to see what designs people would come up with just for fun. So here are mine .....

I used nail polishes, glitters, glitter eyeliner, star stickers and nail art pens for this pumpkin.

With this pumpkin I just cut out the top with a sharp knife on a slant so the top doesn't fall in. I scooped out the insides & cut out the face. I lit a tea light candle inside.

I'm not sure which one I will take to work. Probably the glitter one as I can't light the candle at work.

Have you been creative with pumpkins or anything else for Halloween. If so, link your creations in the comments below.

Love to you all

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