FOTN: Ardell Demi Wispies Review

Hi once again my cherubs. I hope you are having a fabulous Sunday. I was sent some Ardell Demi Wispies in Black for free to try out some time ago from Kilpatrick PR. I wanted to wait until I was going on a night out before using them as I am no expert at applying false lashes so if I actually got them to work I wanted to be able to show them off.

Photo taken after use. I apologise for this as in my excitement of trying them out I realised it would have probably been better for me to take the photo before use, whoops!

I am a bit of a nervous nelly when it comes to applying false lashes as I don't use them often enough too feel confident I suppose. The last time I tried was Xmas 2011 for a work do and lets just say it didn't go well. My eyes were streaming and they just wouldn't stick. It might have been the lash glue or the lashes I'm not sure, but I had to re-apply my whole make-up without lashes in 10 mins.

So now onto the review. I removed the lashes from the pack and placed them along my lash line to see if they were the correct width for my eye. They were fine, but had they been too wide I would have snipped them a bit from the inner corners to make them the correct size while keeping the sexy feline flick at the outer corners. 

I then bent the ends inwards towards each other to help the band curve into more of an eye shape. This set came with lash adhesive so I squeezed some onto the cardboard packaging and used a cotton bud to apply it in a thin layer along the false lash line. 

I waited for about 30 seconds and with my tweezers I maouvered them onto my natural lash line and pressed them against it with my tweezers gently to help them stick. I did get some glue on one of my eyelids, but this was easily removed by just peeling it off.

I applied my Ardell lashes before applying any other make-up so that if it was a disaster the rest of my make-up wouldn't be ruined. This was the best tip the lovely Celebrity Make-Up Artist Louise Page gave to me at the Speed Beauty Event. I think this took the panic out of applying them and so they were a success, thanks Louise :) I also went for a green smokey eye rather than black/grey to make the lashes stand out. Louise gave me the advice of not using too dark a colour so that the lashes would be emphasised rather than disguised. I went through the false and my natural lashes with mascara after applying the rest of my make-up to help them intertwine and look a bit more together.

I removed the lashes with a bit of moisturiser at the end of the night and peeled off the glue so that I can hopefully re-use them. I gave them a gentle wipe over with a face wipe also to get some of the mascara off.

I love the flick at the outer edge

They did seem to sit slightly lower on one eye than the other, but I think that may be just down to my eye shapes.

I look like I have just seen a ghost, ha ha

Here is a link to the Black Demi Wispies on the Ardell website, Link. My box says Natural Style, but most of the styles I found on, and say Fashion Lashes. Prices shown in links. If you know which ones are the same as mine please leave a link in a comment.

Other products used in this FOTN were:

Rose & Co Rose Petal Salve

Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream*

Natural Collection CoverUp Cream (Fair)

E.L.F. Studio High Definition Powder 

NYX 5 Color Shadow The Caribbean Collection I Dream Of St. Kitt Palette (White Shade)

StarGazer Bronzer (Bronceador)**

Eyeko Cream Extra Glow!

Sleek MakeUP Original I-Divine Palette (Two Green Shades Far Right, Top & Bottom)

17 Clear Definition Mascara

Max Factor Liquid Effect Pencil (Black Fire)***

Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen (Jet Black)

BYS Mascara (Jet Black)

Natural Collection Sheer Natural Lip Colour (Biscuit)

Accessorize Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss (Temptation)

*** The products marked with asterix were given to me for free by PR companies

I had a fabulous night out with my friend. We had dinner and drinks, but it all went too quickly. We will just have to do it again soon I guess so that I can have another go applying some more falsies ;) I got complimented on my eyes when I was out too. We were in a pub and the person was drunk, but it still counts right, ha ha.

Many thanks to Kilpatrick PR for sending these to me to try out.

What are your favourite falsies? Any more tips for a newbie :)

Love to you all


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