NOTD/June GlossyBox

Hey there my gorgeous lovelies. I have painted my nails and wanted to show you a pic :)

This polish came in my June GlossyBox. It is OPI (Designer Series Nail Lacquer in Extravagance. I would say this is more of a wintry colour, but I couldn't wait to try it as I like trying new colours. I would describe this as a deep rose colour with fine shimmer. The bottle is a really cute size, but obviously I wouldn't have turned my nose up at a full size. This is my first OPI polish though so I was excited to try it.

This Batiste (Dry Shampoo Original) was also in the GlossyBox. I have never used Batiste products and new things are always good to try, but why oh why would this be a product to include. It is not high end. I really can not fathom why GlossyBox would do this on their 2nd box. Some people were waiting to see if the 1st box was a one trick pony with the full size Nars product before subscribing. I don't believe this product will gain GlossyBox more subscribers as it is quite old and very cheap to buy.

GlossyBox say this BIOEFFECT (EGF Serum) is suitable for all skin types. I will try this product, but no matter how good this is I can not see me spending £125 for 15ml. There is high end and then there is absurd. Maybe I am in a minority, but I really can't see how any skin product can say it's okay to charge that price. I will expect to look 18 again obviously after using this product, haa haa ;) I was very disappointed with the dirty little squeezy bit of the dropper. What's that all about?

As I finished my Ed Hardy perfume at work the other day I have been using this Lalique (PERLES DE LALIQUE) perfume for the last couple of days. This is not the typical aroma I would go for. I didn't like it at all when I first used it, but it's okay. I will keep using it for now, but I won't be buying it.  I do like the design of the bottle though. GlossyBox describe this as having an abundance of Orris and and Bulgarian rose.

Mama Mio (Omega Body Buff) is the last product I received in this GlossyBox. It is the first exfoliator that I have seen to be used on both face and body so I assume it will not be too harsh. 

Overall I really like my nail polish, but I wish it could have been full size. If I'm honest I would have much preferred to have had the OPI polish along with the Abahna (White Grapefruit and May Chang Shower/Bath Gel), both Rouge Bunny Rouge (GLEAMING TEMPTATIONS Secret Places Of Love Lip Glosses) and the Margaret Dabbs (Hydrating Foot Soak).

Were you happy with what you received in your GlossyBoxes, as from the blog posts and tweets I have seen most people were not? I am not sure how long I will give GlossyBox to redeem themselves, but for now I will not cancel my subscription. There may be those of you thinking I'm mad, but I will live in hope for improvement for another month. I will have a think before the new delivery fees come in. They are very cheeky bringing those out on the very day everyone is in uproar. I am considering signing up to @boudoirprive I just wish they had some information on their site before asking for you to request an invitation. Are any of you lovelies signing up for this? Do you know much about it?

Love to you all


  1. I LOVE the body buff which I got too, used it tonight and it was so fine and grainy and really exfoliating! I didn't try it on my face though. I was still happy enough with my items, I just think Glossy Box made a rod for their own backs by setting the NARS full size standard in May... made people expect something full size I think, and forget it's a subscription for samples!! The Batiste is useful but I agree, not high end. Would have been nice to have tried a different brand or something of dry shampoo x

  2. Hmm...I was one of the people waiting to see what they would come up with after the first box. Have to say, I'm not that impressed and probably won't be signing up. The first box was awesome, but this one is a bit of a let down in comparison. The OPI is a lovely colour though, suits your skin tone! Xxx

  3. @Lauren - Yeah I agree about making a rod for their own backs. I want to sign up to boudoir prive so I will see how they compare x

  4. @Zebyk - I will stick it out for at least another month, but I will be comparing it to boudoir prive so maybe GlossyBox need to up their game a little. Especially after the delivery and glossydots changes xx

  5. Think i'm going to sign up for a box next month and fingers crossed there's nothing like batiste in there because i've already got about 5 (big) cans in my room! Thank you for posting this x

  6. @Temporary:Secretary - No problem sweetie. Let's wait and see what we get this month then xx

  7. looks like a fab glossy box! love batiste! and i'll ask her for you and i'll get back to you on that! :)

    glad you liked meggie's post!
    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  8. @Becca - Thanks Hunny. Much appreciated xx

  9. oooo I lovee the nail colour!

    Jamilah X

  10. @Jamilah - It is lovely. I'm still wearing it xx

  11. Coronation looks beautiful on your nails, and the rest of the products look lovely too :) Thanks for sharing!

  12. @Huda Kaake - Thank you sweetie. It's a pleasure :)


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