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Hi Gorgeous Beauty Addicts. I had a lovely evening last night with me fella for Valentine's. He came in from work with flowers, chocolates, wine, a card and food which he cooked for us. We had thai fish cakes, steak lasagne with green veg and cheesecake/tarts. We also watched that Ryan Gosling rom-com with Emma Stone in it. I hope all of you that are single or attached had a great night too.

Today I just have to share with you these incredibly cheap disco pants that I have found. Now don't get me wrong they are not super suck you in disco pants, but for the price I am so glad I got them.

Karma Clothing High Waisted Shiny Disco PVC Leggings, Currently £6.00 Each

These are usually priced on the Karma Clothing website for £8.99 each which is still a good price, but £6.00 is just way too good to miss. I picked these up in the shades Wine Red, Royal Blue, Red & Purple.

They are all great, but the purple is my favourite I think. I believe Karma Clothing gets these from different suppliers as the Red pair are a bit bigger than the others so they are a little baggy behind the knees. I can work with them though for £6.00. The purple pairs material does not fold over at the waist like the others as there is no elastic at the waist in those. I am not sure why they are called PVC leggings as they are 100% Nylon.

Even with these variations I am still very happy with my purchases. These also come in shades of Black, Gold, Silver and Navy.

I already have some black and navy ones from BooHoo so I just went for these. I was tempted by the gold and silver, but I thought they might look a bit space age. I know the colours I have chosen aren't subtle, but I just wasn't sure about those two shades. I would like a bronze pair and a charcoal grey pair, but Karma Clothing didn't have those.

If you are new to the disco pant trend and are not sure if you will like them then I recommend trying these ones out. For the price you can't go wrong!

Where do you buy your disco pants? Would you wear a cheaper pair or do you prefer a more snug fit? What are your Karma Clothing favourites?

Love to you all


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