Melvita Apicosma Extra-Rich Hand Cream

Hey beautiful. Yep I'm talking to you. I am back with another post today, but this time a review.

This 3-Honey-Complex has been designed to repair, revitalise and nourish dry and damaged hands. Leaving skin supple and comfortable instantly. Dry and delicate skin are due to a lack of nutrients, a weakened skin barrier, a lack of vitality and oxygenation. Now for the science bit. The 3-Honey-Complex replenishes lost nutrients thickening the dermal and epidermal layers and activates angiogenesis. This formula treats the dry skin issue preventing it from returning rather than just soothing it for a while when applied.

My thoughts:

I actually think there is something to the 3-Honey-Complex basis of this hand cream. When applied daily I found that I did not have dry hands at all no matter how much washing up or other duties I performed. This cream does not sink into the hands straight away, but I tend to apply it when I have time to let it soak in. It is more expensive than other hand creams, but this is a big tube so it works out at a reasonable price. I must admit I am not over struck on the scent. I am not sure if it's the royal jelly as I have never tried a product with royal jelly in it. It's not awful as about 10 mins after applying it I don't really notice it anyway. For those who suffer with dry, splitting, cracking hands I would say this is certainly worth a try.

Melvita products are also available at Wholefoods & John Lewis stores.

Thanks to Neville McCarthy for sending this to me for free to test and review.

What are your favourite Melvita products and why? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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