Shaved, Smoothed & Smelling Good

Hello sweet peas. It's almost the weekend so hoorah for that. Today I have 3 body skincare reviews for you so I will crack on.

I received this product in my Festive Treasures GlossyBox. I must admit that on my first use it felt very unnatural and a little scary to use a razor without any other shaving product. Once I got used to how firmly to press and work it around my body contours though I realised that I was actually pretty impressed with it. The moisturising area around the blades lathers up well once wet. The head is kind of springy, but once I became confident in using this product I knew how much pressure to apply. It is more chunky than other razors obviously so may not be great for travel, but this lasted quite a few uses. I am not sure where the indicator is to let you know when the blades need changing, but once the moisturising strip had worn away at the front I could tell that I couldn't use it any longer.

The moisture spray I have linked above looks different to my bottle so I am hoping that the product has not changed for this review. My bottle is 250ml whereas the bottle linked above is 50ml. I don't remember paying more than £5.00 for this product at the time, but it was quite a while ago. Anyway enough rambling. This moisture spray I would say is an essential for those who find body moisturising a real task. The scent is lovely and spa like. This bottle has lasted ages considering that myself and my boyfriend give each other back massages with it too. My only bad comment is to say I reserve this for when I am at home in my PJ's rather than getting dressed to go out. My reason for this is one day I went to work with fitted coloured trousers on and marks appeared around my knees where the product had seeped through. It is not by any means a greasy product, but it does take longer to sink in than other moisture products. My skin does feel very smooth and moisturised after use though.

I picked this up in the 99p Store however I have linked to Superdrug above as it's not on the 99p Store site and Superdrug currently have it for 99p anyway. I really enjoyed this subtle fruity scent with a blend of wild apple, honeysuckle and coconut. A 99p bargain that I would pick up again.

I hope you enjoyed today's reviews. Let me know your favourite skincare for the body with reasons why in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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