DHC Revitalizing Moisture Strips: Eyes

Hi there sweeties. I hope you are having a fab sunny day even if you are just gazing at the sunshine through an office window. Today I have a review post for you.

These soft gel eye masks already have celebrity fans. Their purpose is to refresh, hydrate, brighten and firm the delicate under eye area while minimising puffiness and dark circles. Suitable for all skin types these are so easy to use. After cleansing and toning remove each strip from it's backing and place the moisture side against the skin of your under eye area, pressing gently to assure contact with the skin. These are rather wide, but they did sculpt around my eyes where needed. Do not place too high as you don't want any product making contact and possibly irritating your eyes. Leave on for 20-30 mins or even overnight when needed for maximum conditioning benefit. 

My thoughts:

I wore them for 30 mins. I don't really suffer with dark circles and I have been using another product recently which has reduced my puffy eyes so much. I did however feel that I reaped the benefits of feeling refreshed and looking more awake as they do brighten the skin. I think this is down to the deeply moisturising properties these strips have. You can feel the ingredients being soaked up into the under eye area. Very hydrating indeed. My skin felt firmer under the eyes too. Not taut like it had a pulling sensation just like the skin had smoothed out and flattened so for those with under eye puffing I would say give these a go for sure. To remove these did not tug on the skin at all which is perfect as the under eye area needs to be handled with care. Simply peel away and you are done. These are a lovely pampering treat that I will be sure to use again. I think the price is perfect too as with 6 applications in each pack that's a little over £1 with every use. 

Thanks so much to Freedom PR for sending these over to me for free to try.

Let me know your favourite DHC products as well as other moisture eye strips from other brands with reasons why in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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