Hi lovelies. I'm back after a wee break from my full time job and blogging. I am back now fully refreshed and able to write posts with enthusiasm.

Nivea have put together an 'Ultimate Summer Survival Beauty Kit' which I have been trying products from over the lasts few weeks and want to share with you now.

So lets talk products ...........

This water resistant product has been formulated specially for the face containing natural plant extract to help activate the skin's natural tanning process so that even pale people like myself can gain a healthy glow while still being protected. This has a very lightweight, non-greasy formula perfect for hot summer days and nights.

Designed to provide intensive moisture for up to 12 hours. The scent of this lip butter is amazing. It's like candy for the lips without the calories, ha ha. By nature I am not a massive fan of lip butters in tins as I prefer to use a stick, but I have to admit that my lips have not peeled or chapped once since using this product. They feel so smooth and nourished. Raspberry Rose gives a very subtle, yet flattering shade to the lips. A baby pink milky tone that is great for every day wear. I tried it yesterday under a nude/concealer shade lipstick that I usually find hard to wear and it made it look fabulous. There was no obvious creases or patchiness and it didn't look unnatural on me like those shades tend to do.

In summer I think we all tend to be a little more active and just want to get outside as quickly as possible to enjoy the summer sun. These wipes are great to refresh the skin while removing dirt and make-up. The mesh design removes a little more product and dirt I feel than regular face wipes. They have a lovely scent too. I have also reviewed Nivea face wipes from this range for other skin types which you can see here!

Oh my gosh this I am a big fan of. It has a quick dry formula and contains kaolin mineral powder. The scent and feel of this product on the skin is amazing. This left no powder residue on my clothes or skin. I love the click and twist design. The scent instantly makes me feel relaxed somehow too.

This water resistant product quickly absorbs into the skin leaving no sticky residue. Perfect for spritzing on the go when enjoying your summer festivities. I have reviewed many products from the Nivea Sun Range here!

I am a massive fan of the Nivea Sun Range as I burn so easily even when using some sun protection products. That has not happened since I have been using Nivea's sun protection products. The Nivea Sun Range is not only essential for someone very pale like me who burns very easily, but I would recommend it to all skin types. It's now my go to sun protection which I am now sharing with my boyfriend and his brother, ha ha :)

I would definitely purchase all of these products in the future as they are definite beauty staples!

Thanks to Porter Novelli for sending me over these samples :)

What are your Nivea summer essentials? Let me know with reasons why in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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