Hi everyone and Happy Sunday. Yesterday I tried out another TIMELESS TRUTH beauty mask that was sent to me for review.

From the TIMELESS TRUTH luxury range this anti-ageing, revitalising beauty mask contains Co-Enzyme Q10 which helps promote skin cell turnover, reducing the visible signs of ageing giving skin a radiant glow and preserving the skin's elasticity. Ideal for sun/weather damaged and ageing skin. A brightening and moisturising product that prevents wrinkles and smoothes out fine lines.

I kept my beauty mask in the fridge for a really refreshing pick me up. After cleansing I removed the mask from this sachet. There was no outer layer to peel off before applying this mask. I pressed the mask onto my face hooking the side loops around my ears. At the bottom of the mask there is a section to pull up the chin from underneath and the ends of this section also hook over the ears. This mask by far has been the best fit. It was very comfortable to wear and stayed pressed against the face without feeling tight just secure. I left the mask on for 20mins. It is recommended to use it for 15-20 mins 3/4 times a week for optimal results. I then massaged in the essence remaining on my skin and followed on with my usual skincare. 

I thought I would feel ridiculous wearing this mask because of the ear parts, but I really felt pampered and enjoyed using it. This is my favourite beauty mask out of the four I have tried from this range. The results were for me a nourished and hydrated feeling. My skin felt smooth, supple and soft and very much brightened. I love the innovative design of this mask and give it a Q10 out of 10!

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Have you ever tried a beauty mask that fits this way? If yes, let me know which brand and your thoughts on the design.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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