I'm back again with another review today, but this time skincare. I was asked if I would like to test and review the new VICHY IDELIA EYES and was kindly sent the VICHY IDELIA LIFE SERUM too.

Said to be the perfect partner to the VICHY IDELIA LIFE SERUM which I have previously spoken about in my FACIAL SKINCARE REVIEWS post.

VICHY IDELIA EYES has been formulated to re-awaken tired looking eyes allowing your natural radiance to show through while smoothing and reducing fine lines. The eye contour feels softer, hydrated and more supple. Dark circles are brightened with an illuminating effect. The silicone applicator has been designed for precision in application with the soft touch feel of a brush. A hygienic applicator.

Both products offer a dewy, youthful appearance to the skin. The serum is great for a light reflecting inner glow. It has a fab scent and feels very fresh. Once full make-up is applied however the glow I think is harder to notice.

The eye cream is great for those wanting to give new life to the under eye area. It really does brighten and deflect shadows. No I do not have terrible dark under eye circles, but if I can see a difference then hopefully those who do have them will really benefit from using this product as it really does even out skin tone. My eyes look more wide awake and less dull. 

The caffeine in this product is great also to reduce puffiness with its draining and decongesting effects. The applicator does help to spread the product under the eyes, but I think it could work easily without it as I end up using my fingers to pat it in anyway.

VICHY IDELIA EYES is a real 'eye opener' if you will. Perfect for many reasons.

Please let me know your favourite Vichy products with reasons why in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


  1. ohhh they sound amazing! will definitely check them out


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