Hello lovelies. I am rather bored at the moment doing washing and general house stuff so I thought a perfect distraction from all the mundane tasks of life would be to blog so here I am with a sparkly post for you :)

I was very kindly sent these beautiful nail art pots to review for you. These glitter flakes can be applied with nail glue or wet nail polish. Feeling in a Gothic mood with Halloween coming up I went for the Black Nail Decor.

I applied a clear coat for a base and used a teaspoon to sprinkle them over the nails when they were still wet. As I wanted to try them with a clear polish I went over them again to seal the top and manoeuvre them into place. They did move about a bit, but once the polish had dried they were set in place. As you can see I applied a generous amount, but you could be more specific in your design if you wanted just a few dotted around and carefully place them onto your nails with tweezers. A big tip would be to put a tissue or towel underneath the pot when opening and also applying these Nail Decor designs as they do like to spread everywhere. My pots were quite overfilled which is great because you get more product, but not so great for stopping it going everywhere.

This shade I would say is more of a dark gunmetal grey than black. It has multi-coloured reflects like you would see in oil when it catches the light. The UV Pink is slightly translucent and very pretty. I think it would work best on white or very bright shades to show off the colour. The Gold Decor is a rich colour which to me looks like it has a green undertone. Think of the type of gold you see on Xmas chains that you hang from the ceiling.

I applied these to two accent nails. While I have been doing chores today the left one has stayed put and the right one came off in one piece. Because nails are curved and I applied a lot of flakes I think that one of the flakes didn't stick down as well as the others causing the design to come away. So one nail lasted a day and the other is still going strong. I am not sure if using something like the Seche Vite Fast Dry Topcoat would help them to last longer, but for this type of nail art when you are doing chores etc I think most designs won't last that long.

So my overall thoughts are that these are best for a night out or event. Especially this festive season. Just make sure that you put your feet up when you have applied them and laze like a sparkly princess until after your nail debut at least :)

The STARGAZER NAIL DECOR flakes also come in a multi-colour shade and there are two sphere designs in black or silver which are the caviar effect nail art.

Let me know your tips for making nail art like this last longer along with your favourite nail art products in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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