Hi lovelies and Happy Tuesday. I am so sorry that I didn't get around to putting up a post last week. My Mum is moving this coming Monday down to the coast so I have been helping her to organise things.

Today I have a review for you of the the SLENDERTONE FACE toning equipment that was gifted to me at the BLOGGERS LOVE HUB DAY 3.

Having previously enjoyed using the toning abs belt which I purchased myself many years ago I was interested to see which other products Slendertone had to offer those seeking a toning tool.

I chose to try the face tool as our faces are always on display and usually the first thing that others notice. The ageing process and weather conditions as well as smoking and diet all play a part in how our skin can look and feel.

What does the Slendertone face actually do?

With electronic muscle stimulation the unit aims to lift and tone the facial area to reduce sagging giving a more youthful, toned appearance.

So how do I use it?

Step 1: The battery compartment on the back of the digital unit was a little tricky to open. I used some tweezers, but you can use a flathead screwdriver or other similar object.

Step 2: 3 AAA batteries are included so insert those and replace the cover.

Step 3: Ensure your hair is tied back from your face as little flyaways can become stuck under the pads when positioning the unit. Remove all creams and moisturisers from your face so that the pads will stick nicely to your face without leaving any dirt or make-up residue on your pads.

Step 4: Remove the blue covers from the pads which you can find in the sealed packs. There are 6 pairs of gel pads included with the unit.

Step 5: Position the pads onto either side of the unit. You can see by the shapes on the inside how they should sit. Press firmly for around 10 seconds around the edges.

Step 6: Remove the transparent covers that say face, but keep them to put back over the pads once you have finished using it to keep the pads protected ready for the next use.

Step 7: Connect the headset at the bottom of the digital unit.

Step 8: Position the headband so that the centre of each pad sits on either side of your face between your nose and your ear (approx. 1cm, 1/2 an inch or one finger width in front of each ear). See the above photo for reference. The headband does not have much flexibility so bring it from behind your neck (not down over your head) and pull forward to sit on your cheeks. Do not place over metal/dental implants or metal fillings.

Step 9: While in a relaxed seated or reclining position switch the digital unit on by pressing and holding the power on button (top right). Select a program by pressing the P button

Programme 1 is 20 mins for lift to tone and firm facial muscles, smoothing the overlying skin. In 12 weeks you should see the full effects. Programme 2 is 10 mins increasing blood flow for a healthy, instant, radiant glow. 

Increase the intensity on either side of the unit by pressing the plus buttons to increase and the minus buttons to decrease. Both sides do not need to match in intensity. You should notice muscle movement and then reduce by 1 step and continue the session at that level. You must feel comfortable with the level of intensity. A symbol looking a bit like a neck collar appears with each contraction

The time will count down as your session begins. You can pause the unit during your session by pressing the power button. Just press again to continue. If at any time the warning sign appears (a triangle with an exclamation mark) there is poor contact between the gel pads and you skin or the paddles and the gel pads. Adjust as necessary. 

The information button i will show you the maximum intensity for your current or last session and the number of sessions completed. 

You can also mute the unit by pressing and holding the P button for 2 seconds. There is a key lock to ensure you don't accidently change the intensity of your session. You can activate or deactivate this by pressing and holding the i button for 2 seconds.

Step 10: When the session ends press and hold the power button to switch off. It will however switch itself off after a period of time when not in use. Only remove the headband when the unit is off

The battery power remaining is shown on the top left of the digital display when in use.

Step 11: Replace your transparent pad covers to protect the pads.

How often should I use it?

Use for no more than 20 mins per day, 5 times a week. Leave 24 hours between sessions. I would say though that the maximum you can use the unit is 4 time per week if you must leave 24 hours between each session. Once a desired level on facial toning is met continue using the unit for a recommend twice a week to maintain that level.

What does it feel like?

The sensation was not painful at all for me. It's more like a gentle spasm which sounds really odd I know. I was told that if twitching around the eyes occurs to lower the headband position. I found the most noticeable muscle movement to be around my mouth. My top and bottom lips went in opposite directions no matter what the intensity or how I had positioned the unit. I was reassured that this was not an issue.

Health concerns

Please do not use this device if you:

Are under 18.

Have an electronic implant of any kind or have a heart problem.

Suffer from Cancer, epilepsy or are under medical supervision for cognitive dysfunction.

Have a tendancy to bleed internally.

Have recently undergone surgery, especially on the facial area.

Suffer muscle/joint problems.

Have recent scars, broken or inflamed skin including acne.

This unit can be used by those who have used or are using Botox or fillers. I would however suggest that clarification on this is requested by your medical contact (GP or consulatant) as I have never had Botox and can not clarify this.

Further information should be sought if you have any health, skin or injury concerns at all, are breast feeding or pregnant before using this device.

Side effects

Twitching of the muscles can occur after use. Reduce the intensity of your session for the next use, but if the problem persists beyind 2-3 days consult your GP.

Some users may experince headaches or painful sensations.

I have been trying out this unit in fits and bursts. Not only because of the busy festive period, but because I experienced headaches around the times I used it. I will hold my hands up and say that there are times when I pretty much have a constant headache so I can not prove or disprove that this had anything to do with this device.

Although I did not experience pain when using this toning tool I did however have some aching around the jaw area.

I do not think that I have used this device for a long enough period to say whether or not I have noticed a more lifted or toned appearance in my face (12 weeks recommended use). I am completing this review now though because I found the experience to be a little too intense for my facial muscles. 

I know the level of intensity can be changed to suit you, but what I mean is that it felt less natural to use an electronic muscle stimulator on my facial muscles than on other more fatty tissue of my body. I know that using any EMS is not a natural experience, but that's just how I feel personally. I am however really glad that I got to try out this toning device as now I know. I used programme 2 throughout my experience.

I would not say do or don't try out this product because its so unique and I am sure its a bit like marmite. Some love it and some don't.

As afore mentioned I would however recommend the Slendertone ab belt as an addition to a healthy lifestyle to aid in toning the abdominal area. Mine I think has a slightly different design as its quite old, but this looks like the same product LINK! I haven't used mine in ages so I need to dig it out.

 Let me know in the comments below your favourite Slendertone products with reasons why and links to your results :)

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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