Hi everyone. In this post I want to share with you my experience of attending the Bloggers Love LFW Gifting Lounge on Tuesday evening at the Hoxton Arches.

This was a new venue for Bloggers Love events as I know Danielle who runs the show has been trialling out different event spaces since the closure of The Penthouse London last year. I was excited to see how guests would be dressed due to the Gossip Girl theme. There were some signature Blair Waldorf headbands and of course more grunge styles from Jenny Humphrey fans as well as other great cast member resemblances.

For the first time this Bloggers Love event had the brands around the edges of the room with all guests in the centre. After chatting with a couple of brands I turned around to see the room filled with guests and more piling in. It was a struggle to speak with all of the brands I must admit. Bloggers Love events have become very popular over time due to Danielle's amazing efforts which is why some travel from afar to attend.

There was dinner party arranged for bloggers who wanted to attend prior to the gifting. It was meant to be a 3 course meal from a choice of 3 set menus which bloggers had to pay I believe £28 for to attend. I did not book a place as I wasn't sure I could leave work in time so I just went to the gifting session. 

There were a lot not so happy faces in the room when I got chatting with other bloggers who told me that the caterers cancelled so they had pizza and water instead. I can understand their frustration as £28 for a pizza is very steep. 

I believe that bloggers were given the opportunity to choose their pizza toppings, but the pizza boxes arrived unmarked so some people said their pizza was cold or the wrong topping. A couple of bloggers that cancelled due to there being no gluten free option were refunded.

I think that if I had booked the meal for myself I would have declined the offer of the gourmet pizza and requested a refund. Not because I wouldn't want to have pizza, but simply because of how much the pizza would cost.

For a full explanation of what happened on the night from Danielle please see this link!

So now let me get on to the good bits as there definitely were some fab brands to meet :)

Nadia Minkoff has always been a firm favourite with me at the Bloggers Love events. These muted tones would suit any fashionista's wardrobe palette. The Spring/Summer 2015 collection however boasts bright hues including lemon, cobalt and orange which have me excited for colourful styling.

The jewellery is exquisite with wearable styles as shown above that I would wear all year through.

I was very kindly gifted with a pearl choker necklace that I can't wait to incorporate into many looks.

OMG there were so many items in this collection that I wanted. I met the lovely Nikki Dominic who told me about her wonderful travels which inspire her to create. I was kindly gifted with the MAIZIE NECKLACE. It's truly beautiful and one I will treasure.

With a quote at the forefront of this brand saying "Accessorising is a way to say who we are without having to speak" I totally agree. The items on the Souksy website are heavenly statements to show off your true style and personality.

Ellie started Betty's Bikini Boutique to create customised swimwear styles for beach babes of all shapes and sizes to suit their individual needs and fashion tastes. Ellie includes a variety of embellishment choices in her designs for each customer to create their own unique pieces. So if you are a bling queen, like fluffy feathering or even chains and spikes as above (my favourite) why not consult with Ellie in time for your holiday's this year.

IKRUSH have an insane amount of great fashion and accessories on their website at such fab value pricing for girls who want to keep up to date with trends.

Emma and Pippa have designed a beautiful range of jewellery items including Hamsa hands, peace signs, tassels, wishbones, beading and gems. My favourite items are the ones shown above.

AKA are a contemporary and progressive luxury menswear and ladies wear brand with a minimalistic and monochromatic approach. With intricate hand-designed prints such as their OTHERWORLD DRESS and their ZANGA SHIRT DRESS it makes you think for a minute why we ever needed colour TV. Sometimes simple is all we need. I was given the option to choose a piece so I went for the YENA MESH TEE BLACK. I will love adding a white vest or even various bright shades underneath to make the AKA logo pop.

This was a very interesting skincare brand to meet as although their range wasn't immense the contents appeared to be wondrous. With solutions for cellulite, varicose veins, dry/damaged skin, scar minimising and spot treatments. I was told that I will be sent the Tranquility Ultra Soothing Cream for Dry Damaged Skin which I will be happy to let you know how I get on with.

This skincare, haircare and body care brand have a wonderful array of products that I want to know more about including a BB Cream. I have been gifted with their BALANCE BODY LOTION which smells divine. I think they were going to send me over their eye cream too so that I could review it for you.

There were a couple of other brands there on the night most of which I have spoken about in other Bloggers Love posts so check out those too :)

I know a lot of people were disappointed by the Bloggers Love event. I think that because it was so packed at the venue and with the the upset over the meal a lot of bloggers felt let down.

I have attended pretty much all of Danielle's Bloggers Love events and always come away feeling satisfied to some degree.

Even though this was a gifting event brands were not obliged to gift to all. It was an opportunity for bloggers to meet with brands and if they were lucky to be gifted.

I am a bit confused as to why as a VIB I was not given a priority gifting card at this event as usual, but I believe that bloggers who attended the meal were gifted them instead? I was however gifted at the event which I am grateful for.

If bloggers did not request a refund and decline the pizza I think they should put this one down to experience. I am told they were informed of the change prior to the pizza being ordered. 

It wasn't an ideal part of the night, but if you went to a restaurant ordering a 3 course meal and they gave you a pizza would you eat it and then complain afterwards? That may sound harsh, but I think it's a valid point.

I for one have not been put off attending future Bloggers Love events and have just applied for the Bloggers Fashion Week being held over 2 days in March.

Let me know if you will be attending the Bloggers Love Bloggers Fashion Week in March. I hope to see you there.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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