Hi sweeties and welcome to my blog. I have 3 random product reviews for you in this post and here they are.

I received this product for Xmas. I always thought Pearl Drops was a tooth polish brand designed for smokers. I remember my Mum using it loads when I was a kid. It doesn't appear to be now and I thought I would try this anyway. The product has a lovely refreshing minty taste that leaves you feeling fresh, but without that zing that can be a little too intense in some products. I found the packaging a bit annoying as it's hard to squeeze the perfect amount out sometimes and there is probably some product still in there as you can't roll it up like squeezy tube toothpastes. I didn't notice any whitening after using this, but I do think the product itself is refreshing and smooth which makes it enjoyable to brush with. I am not sure if it has been re-named, but I have linked a similar product above.

I received this in a GlossyBox. Once a week or as needed massage a small amount on the lip area and remove with a damp cotton pad for exfoliated lips. This is a cream formulation with granules. It has quite a nice scent, but unfortunately it was too harsh for my lips. I ended up with very sore red lips. My friend loves it though and I am very sensitive on my lips which I find hard to keep soft and supple most of the time. I may try using this as a face exfoliator instead.


This handwash from the 99p Store has such a lovely neutral yet calming and uplifting scent. Very pure and natural. It's a great moisturising handwash that is a total bargain and I would repurchase it. Here are two other handwashes from this range I have reviewed in coconut and silke soft. There is also a yummy chocolate orange one too as well as a gorgeous milk & honey.

Have you discovered any toothpastes that actually whiten? What's your favourite lip exfoliator for sensitive lips? Also let me know your favourite handwash in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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