Hello sweeties. There are two great mascaras I have really enjoyed using lately as they work so well together.

This mascara was sent to me by a pr as a gift. This is a high impact mascara. By that I mean it is an intensely pigmented black (although it does also come in black/brown). My lashes look thicker and longer with this product. It gives my eyes a flirty, wide awake appearance. I find it to be very buildable without clumping. I have added many layers for more drama at times and it works fantastic for that.

So that's the good stuff. I find that pretty much any mascara I use smudges under my eyes including this one. Also you have to be quite careful when you apply this mascara to your top lashes especially if they are long because it's easy to get this on your lids. So annoying if you spend ages applying eye make-up. If you are careful then it shouldn't be an issue.


This mascara has added fibres to give length to the lashes. A product designed for clump-free, smudge and tear proof lashes.

For my top lashes this product didn't do much at all. My lashes were nicely separated, but I didn't find it very lengthening. I prefer more volume, but I can't fault this mascara for that is that is not it's purpose.

I do however find this product to work fantastically on my bottom lashes. It separates them and gives a nice length without any smudging at all.

So I hope I have helped you to find at least one mascara here that appeals to you.

Let me know your favourite volumising and bottom lash mascaras in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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