Hi lovelies. I have a fabulous travel friendly and very purse friendly glasses cleaner to share with you.

A brilliant discovery of mine (pats self on back). My glasses get dirty all the time as I have long lashes and wear make-up so they get smudges very easily. I am far too lazy to spray cleaner and wipe them over all the time especially if I am out and about. This handy gadget means I don't have to. A few swipes and I can see clearly again. I have ordered a bunch of them now so I can leave one in my bag, at work and home with some spares. A great price of currently just 72p each. Totally worth it.

I hope this helps any of you glasses wearers out. Even if you use it just for your sunnies while the sun is still out :)

Image not my own.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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