Sunshine Award

Hi there beautiful people. It has been a long day at work today, but my day has been brightened because I have been given the Sunshine Award by the lovely Sheniz. She has a cool blog so check it out :) Shens Beauty

For me to accept this award I must answer these 9 questions:

1) Favourite Colour ~ Pink 
2) Favourite animal ~ Penguins because I love the way they walk. I am also very fond of meerkats and cats
3) Favourite number ~ 4. I have no idea why. Odd numbers freak me out a little though. OCD alert!

4) What perfume am I using right now? ~ At home I use DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom. At work I use Soap & Glory Eau De Soap & Glory and at my boyfriend's house I use Hollister So Cal. My boyfriend bought the DKNY and Hollister for me as Xmas presents last year

5) Something you always wear that identifies you ~ I always use different make-up and beauty products, but I always wear my Giorgio Armani watch and Goldsmiths ring that my boyfriend bought me. Both were birthday presents for two different birthday's
6) What's your passion ~ Music, Make-up, Beauty, Fashion and Blogging :)

7) What was the last eyeshadow that you used? ~ MUA Shade 1 - Pearl all over the lid

8) Favourite day of the week ~ Friday as it's my first day of the weekend. I work Mon - Thurs

9) Are your nails painted right now? Yes with Nails Inc Tudor Way. See this recent NOTD Link :)

I would now like to pass this award on to these 10 gorgeous beauties:

If I have nominated you for this award you must follow these rules in order to accept it:
1) Refer back to the person that nominated you

2) Answer the 9 questions

3) Nominate 10 Bloggers for the award

4) Inform the Bloggers that they have been nominated

I love you all, but I can only award 10 :( If you do accept this award please let me know when you do a post on it.

Love to you all


  1. Aww thanks sweetie. I loveeeee penguins, they walk so cute! Did you see the video of the ticklish penguin? :) x

  2. @Misseblog - No probs. I love their little waddles. Yeah I did see that. So cute xx


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