NOTD/July GlossyBox

Hey lovelies. I know it's been a while, but I have been off from work with my boyfriend enjoying some quality time together. I hope you are all well? While I have been taking time out I have seen Transformers 3, which I loved and I went to Thorpe Park. Yes I did scream a lot, but I totally loved it. 

So now on to the topic of this post. These are the items that I received in my July GlossyBox:

This is my first Ciate Nail Enamel. I love the cute bow on the bottle. This applied very nice and evenly on my nails, but I found the colour to be quite a dull orange. I would have preferred the lime green colour shown on the GlossyBox website as I have colours similar to all the others.

Here is the colour applied to my nails in Speed Dial (023)

Next I received this Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Involve:

I don't have a lot of experience of using pigments so this will be fun to experiment with, but I must admit that I don't think I will use this mauve shade that much. It is a real shame as I have a few Illamasqua blushers that I bought at London IMATS in January. I use them a lot and adore them, but I just don't think this is a product that I will benefit much from. I would have much preferred the Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss in Explode if I'm honest. One thing that I must say about this pigment pot is that I found it so hard to open. I had to prise it open with my tweezers. I really think that this pot would benefit from a flip top lid.

Here is a swatch of Involve

I also got this LP Skin Therapy (Lip Rescue Gel). I actually do like this product. I really like the smell of the orange oil in it. It is said to improve the shape and contour of your lips. Now I don't know about that. I personally did not notice any change in that way, but there is a tingling effect that does not sting like some lip plumpers do. It does give you very glossy lips. I would say this is a product to use when you are not using lipstick as the gel is quite tacky. I found it too sticky to apply any lipsticks. I have had much smoother lips since using this, but I wonder if that is because I am not wearing lipstick as often?

This is what the applicator looks like

Another product I found in my GlossyBox is this Ultra Sun (Face 30). I really wish I had applied this when I went to Thorpe Park this week as I got sun burnt on my chest and neck. It's water resistant too so it would have been perfect for the water rides. Oh well too late now. This cream has a nice consistency.

Lastly I got this product. It is the Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil. 

I haven't tried this product yet. To be honest I'm not a massive fan of how body oils feel on the skin, but I will try it. I am a bit put off by the fact that it looks slightly medicinal also. I know oils are meant to be good for the skin so I will give it a go.

Out of the possible products that GlossyBox gave out in the July box these are the five I would have liked:

Ciate Nail Enamel (in the lime green colour), Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss in Explode, LP Skin Therapy (Lip Rescue Gel), Orla Kiely Eau De Parfum and Xen-Tan (Deep Bronze Luxe). Even though I only received one of my chosen products I am still happy with what I received for £10.

What did you receive in your July GlossyBox? Did you like the products?

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