Nail Of The Day: Nails Inc. Victoria

Hi you gorgeous loves. I don't know about you, but the weather has been so weird here. Brilliant sunshine one minute then pouring rain the next. Oh well that's Bank Holiday weekends for you. So now on to today's post. 

Nails Inc. Victoria

Today's Nail Of The Day is a fabulous shade from Nails Inc. named Victoria. There is no way that I couldn't love it by the name alone right, haa haa. This is a fantastically blood red shade. It may look a bit chocolaty here, but trust me it is a great vampy red. 

I actually received this with a copy of Glamour Magazine a couple of years ago. In fact I have two as they sent me the same shade again when they had the same free gift a year later. Another shade would have been cool to try, but I guess they thought I may like it because of the name?

Are you into vampy shades like this? Do you have any Nails Inc. favourites?

Love to you all


  1. Love that colour, the weather is the same here. Changing every 2 mins :/ xx

  2. @Misseblog - Glad you like it Hun. We can't control the weather I guess xx

  3. Victoria is my Nails Inc favourite, it's the only nail polish I've every completely used up! xx

  4. @Summer Loren - That's cool. Great to hear you like it xx


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