August GlossyBox

Hey Gals. Other than a little make-up shopping I haven't been up to much this weekend. I hope you are all having fun though. Today I want to share with you what I received in my August GlossyBox. So here goes.

First up is the Murad Time Release Blemish Cleanser which it says on their website is a new product. This retails at £29.00 for 200ml. The tube that I received however say Time Release Acne Cleanser. I assume that this is still the same product. I would have thought that it's the same product, but with a slightly different name now, but as it's meant to be new I'm a little confused? It is meant to be an extra gentle cleanser which is clinically proven to increase cell turnover, reduce blemishes and diminish wrinkles, minimising the signs of ageing while keeping your skin smooth, supple and glowing.

I will definitely try this as I am always looking to improve my skins condition. I don't get a lot of spots. Usually I only get one or two around that time of month, but if it helps with anti-ageing and keeping my skin supple and smooth then that's a good thing. I think it's the first product I have seen that is aimed at people with slightly more mature skin that still have blemish irritations. It saves on using two products I guess.

Now we have the Ahava Mineral Body Lotion which usually retails at £22.00 for 250ml, but is currently on sale until 31st August 2011 for £19.80. It is said to be a richly moisturising lotion that absorbs into the skin quickly, effectively hydrating, nourishing and protecting the skin. The website says to apply it every morning. I suppose they are saying that it needs to only be applied once a day, but I am a twice a day girl when it comes to moisturising as I shower twice a day. I will give this a go too as I am always looking to find the best body lotions for my oh so dry skin. 

Here we have the Jumbo Jet Mascara from Daniel Sandler. It claims to be the only mascara a woman needs when she wants high-performance, luscious lashes. That's a pretty big claim in my book. It also says that after one stroke of the brush lashes CAN appear thicker and longer. I don't want a CAN, I want a WILL please. When looking at Daniel Sandler Cosmetics on GlossyBox's website you have to go the link saying buy to find out where to buy his products. The page is a little all over the place so I almost missed this link. There were quite a few places to buy from, but I chose to take a look as I have ordered from them before and it retails there at £11.80 reduced from £14.75 for 15ml with free delivery. On it also says it will give a false lash effect.

I tried this mascara yesterday and I have to say I wasn't overly impressed. One coat was not enough for me. I had to apply three to get somewhere near the consistency I like to get from a mascara. I would not pay £11.80 for this mascara let alone £14.75. The tube and brush look really big and so I was maybe too hopeful in expecting big lashes. They didn't seperate nicely and I found that the amount that came out onto the brush was a very thin amount. My lashes looked a little bitty. By that I mean they didn't fan into a nice shape they stuck together in some areas and had some small clumps which looked about to flake off. I took a bus ride straight after application and by the time I got off the bus my eyes looked black underneath where my watery eyes had made it run. I know it does not claim to be a waterproof mascara, but if you have watery eyes like me or have hay fever AVOID or do not apply to lower lashes. As you can probably tell I would not recommend this product.

The website for KMS California says coming soon so I'm not sure how much this retails at? Here is the information about it though. This is the KMS California Colorvitality Shine & Shield. It says this is a light-weight smoothing creme that fights frizz and provides heat protection while promoting natural movement and shine. It is infused with lilac and ginger, plus antioxidants, UV filter and IOPS technology for colour protection and condition. I have no idea what IOPS technology is, sorry? I have a friend that colours her hair a lot so I think I will give this to her to try.

These Rebel Nails Nail Wraps in the style of Cream/Green Giraffe retail at £7.99. They claim to be easy to apply with no chipping, fading or wear. They are meant to give an amazing professional finish with a self adhesive flexible covering. They can be used on natural, acrylic or gel nails. These come in various designs for both finger and toe nails. Unfortunately these are for toes. I won't gross you out, but I do not have a full size toe nail on my left foot. I had an ingrown toe nail many years ago which I had minor surgery on, but it never grows fully. I have tried applying false toe nails before, but I always catch it as my toe nail is not flat and it's just way too painful to risk so I will be passing these on to one of my friends.

I have only used nail wraps once on my fingers. They were not this brand, but I have to say I hated them. They were a pain to cut to the correct size and they started peeling away at the edges after a day or two. These are not something that I would buy again. I couldn't wait to get them off.

I will be happy to try out the cleanser and body lotion from this box, but overall I would say this is my least favourite of the GlossyBox's so far. I believe that next month they will be upping the price as they will be adding a delivery charge. It's a little annoying as other beauty boxes are not doing this, but I will continue my GlossyBox subscription for now as I like the surprises.

What did you receive in your GlossyBox? Did you like what you got? Will you be continuing with your subscription with the added delivery charges?

Love to you all

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