LOTD: Jordana Lipstick Raspberry (046)

It's me again my loves. I have used this gorgeous lip colour a few times now so I thought it was about time to show it to you.

 Jordana Lipstick (Raspberry 046)

I first picked up this lipstick in my 'Massive Make-up Haul' post, Link :) You can still buy this lipstick from cherryculture.com for $1.30 in the sale, Link :) This lipstick is described as full coverage, dazzling colour with a rich and creamy texture. Lightweight with a smooth-glide on application and a soft shine finish. This lipstick does smooth onto my lips nicely even though it has a slightly more matte application than say a NYX Round Lipstick. It did not dry out my lips though. This colour is very pigmented and lasted about three to four hours before the need to re-apply. It faded evenly and does have a nice sheen to it. I would would describe this shade as a very glossy pinky purple. It can look either more pink or more purple in different lighting as shown in the photos above. This lipstick does have a very strong scent of raspberry to it so if you prefer your lipstick to be unscented you won't like this. For the price I think this is exceptional value.

Have you found any other great lipstick's? What bargains have you picked up from cherryculture.com? There are so many other products I would like to try from their website, but I can't afford to at the moment :(

Love to you all

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