EOTD: Double Duty

Hey Beauties. I hope you are all doing really well. I had a little go at trying out one of the shades from my Front Cover Cosmetics Micro Rainbow Eyes Palette and these are the results.

This palette contains 9 domed baked powders, an eye shadow applicator, a shadow liner and a gold sleeve. The idea is that you can either use the powders as eye shadows or use the shadow liner to wet the powder and apply as a liquid eyeliner. I think this compact is so cute. It's a nice size, has a range of colours and a good sized mirror. My friend bought me this set for my birthday this year. You can find that post here. I believe my friend would have picked this up around Xmas time as my birthday is in January so unfortunately I think you will no longer find this product in Boots Pharmacy, boots.com or frontcovercosmetics.com. I have however found a few on Ebay, Link :)

On the left is the shadow liner that came with this palette and on the right is a product from Eyeko named Magic Liquid Eyeliner. This Eyeko product basically does the same thing with any eye shadow. Eyeko no longer appear to sell this product on their website, but you can find it at asos.com, Link :) and cherryculture.com, Link :)

Shadow Liner Applicators As Above

Swatches using the bottom far left purple shade of the palette, as in my EOTD photos. Left: swatched as an eye shadow, Centre: swatched with the Front Cover Cosmetics Shadow Liner & Right: swatched with the Eyeko Magic Eyeliner

This colour is very buildable as an eye shadow. I think the Front Cover Cosmetics shadow liner does a good job in transforming the shadow into a liner, but I think the Eyeko Magic Liquid Eyeliner makes the shadow appear slightly more pigmented. I rubbed my finger over the liner swatches when they had dried and neither of them budged. My eyeliner stayed put all day. I think the idea behind these products is impressive. If you want a certain type of colour eyeliner for a look, but you know you wouldn't wear it as often as say black or brown then just convert your eye shadow. I wouldn't expect the same kind of pigmentation you get from your typical liquid eyeliner though. You need to to keep building the product up to get the desired effect. I would suggest to wipe your liner applicator before you dip it back into it's container each time as you will be changing between colours.

I would definitely say to give either of these products a try. I think they are great value and will save you taking extra products out with you, especially if you tend to travel a lot.

Have you found any products that have a multi-purpose I should know about? Do you think these shadow liners are something you would like to try?

Love to you all

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