NOTD: St Patrick's Day/Mother's Day Inspired

Hey my loves. To those who celebrate it 'Happy St Patrick's Day'. Because of the St Patrick's Day and Mother's Day celebrations both falling on this weekend I thought I would create a nail design with both of those in mind. 

Firstly I applied my usual Rimmel base coat. I then applied my Barry M Nail Paint in Mint Green (304) with two coats. This nail paint is available for £2.99, Link :)

I then wrote the 'I' and 'MUM' parts on this nail only using my StarGazer Nail Art Pen (White). This is available for £3.00, Link :)

I then drew a heart next to the 'I' using my StarGazer Nail Art Pen (Red) which is also £3.00, Link :)

So here is the finished design. I left all of my other nails with just the mint green shade. As you may be able to see there are a couple of air bubbles formed on my nail design. Be aware of this if you are going to try using nail art pens as while keeping a steady hand and squeezing the product out this can easily happen.

My Mum has been away since Wednesday and will return tomorrow. We don't really have any plans for Mother's Day except I will make her dinner and I might paint her nails. I hope that all of you celebrating with your Mum's have a lovely day tomorrow and if you are a Mum yourself make sure that you get thoroughly spoiled. If you have unfortunately lost your Mum then I hope tomorrow you will do something nice for you and remember the good things about her.

Love to you all


  1. I love this green colour. would you say the photos are photo accurate? Might get myself abit of Barry M Mint Green as I'm in love with green at the moment lol

    1. I would say the 1st picture is the most true to colour :)


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