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Hi All. The weather has been glorious and I love it. I am going to get straight into my post today as I picked up the keys to the house I have bought with my fella on Friday so we are all over the place getting ready to move in while still going to work. 

On Thursday I attended the Speed Event at the Haymarket Hotel to peruse products from rapidlash.com, RapidBrow, modelcocosmetics.com, ardelllashes.com, No. 4711 and ecotools.com.

The Double Up is latest style from Ardell

My Champers :)

Coooooeeee :)

I think it's great that EcoTools recycle. Their make-up brushes feel amazingly soft.

I was a bit wary of trying this heated lash curler out as I didn't want to damage my lashes, but I loved the results. I curled my lashes with my mascara that I had already applied on. It's the Turbo Lashwand and retails at £22.00, Link :)

Both eyes styled with the Turbo Lashwand. The eye on the left with Fibre Lash added, £35.00

Both eyes with Fibre Lash added

Only the top lashes have been styled with the products mentioned above. I like how the Fibre Lash gives you fuller looking lashes, but it makes your lashes look a bit clumpy and I like mine full yet separated.

I was told that this is a unisex fragrance, but to me it smells more masculine and I think the packaging is too.

Now on to my Goody Bag of free products ....

The RapidBrow & RapidLash products I will save for a time when I need them as my brows and lashes are quite full at the moment. I am looking forward to trying out these Ardell lashes as false lashes are something I really want to master.

I hope this make-up brush from EcoTools works well as it was mentioned a lot in discussions. The tanning products I will of course try as with this gorgeous sunshine I don't want to show off pasty white legs. The fragrance I will probably pass on to my boyfriend. The memory stick is handy.

Thank you so much to Kilpatrick PR for inviting me to this event. It was great to discover more about a few brands at one event. I also met some lovely people which I hope to catch up with again soon.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts on them?

Love to you all

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