My Intimate Jewellery Collection

Hi there lovelies. Today I want to share with you the very last post of my jewellery collection.

This jewellery box was gifted to me a few Xmas' ago by my boyfriend's family. I do love the design. This is where I keep all of the jewellery items that are most precious to me.

Here I have some bracelets. The leather one with my name on was given to me by my cousins when they visited Florida as kids. The charm bracelet and some charms are from my man. Some charms were later added as gifts from his family. The beaded bracelet was to represent my Gran at her funeral because she loved to wear this type of thing in her later years so all of the girls wore one. My Mum's silver bracelet that she used to wear is also there. My baby bracelet is there too :)

To think I was once that small :)

These are my rings. The flower one my cousin bought for me when we were kids. One of them is my Mum's old ring. The other rings were gifts from my fella. In the box is my Mum's wedding ring that fits my wedding finger perfectly. Spooky huh. My parents divorced when I was 3, but they remained such good friends until my Dad passed in 2006. They were like best buddies which I loved :)

A lot of these earrings were presents from my Dad, but one pair is from a friend who passed away and another from my Gran who has also passed on.

There is a mixture in the lower drawer of this jewellery box. The Vicky badge my cousin made me when she was a little girl. The medal was my Grandad's. Again some of these items were gifts from my Dad and Gran.

I hope this series of posts about my jewellery collection and storage has given you ideas of how to store your own jewellery as well as getting to know me and my style a little better :)

What is your jewellery style? Do you have a favourite place to purchase yours? What are your most precious jewellery items? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

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