Maybelline WhiteStay UV Whitening Foundation SPF 18

Hi there sweeties. I hope you are all having a great weekend. Today I have a foundation review for you of two shades that I picked up.

Maybelline WhiteStay UV Whitening Foundation SPF 18 in Left: C00 Snow White & Right: W01 True Ivory

I originally picked up the shade Snow White thinking it was a white foundation to lighten any foundations that I have or get in the future that I find too dark for my skin. I put some on my hand and realised this was not the case. I then saw the shade True Ivory and thought why not try both to see if one is better than the other for my skin tone.

As above

Blended slightly

As you can see the shade on the left (Snow White) is a pink cool tone and the shade on the right (True Ivory) is a warm yellow tone.

The information:

Maybelline WhiteStay UV instantly lightens your skin tone upon application.

SPF18 UV filters.

Combines the dual step of sunscreen & foundation.

It brightens your skin instantly, leaves behind an almost flawless finish and conceals pores.

It does not look cakey, making it suitable for day-wear.


Shake to activate the white bead. Dot on face and neck. Smooth with upward and outward strokes until blended.

My thoughts:

I found both of these shades didn't actually look too different when applied to my skin. This is because there was not much coverage to these foundations. I would say these are light in the level of coverage and almost see through. 

They did not wear well throughout the day as they went quite patchy too. The formula is very runny so be careful when pouring out. I only used these a few times so I can't say for sure about the lightening effect on the skin. 

I would not say that these foundations give a flawless finish or conceal pores. If you want to cover blemishes or an uneven skin tone these foundations are not for you. 

The only use I can maybe find for them is to lighten or lengthen the use of other foundations that I have. 

Online I see that there are other shades of Nude, Natural Ivory and Buff. I would try those out too, but as I don't like the product overall it seems pretty pointless to try those shades. I am glad that these were only 99p each from the 99p Store though so it's not a big fail money wise I guess.

Have you tried these Maybelline foundations before? If yes, how did they work for you? Are there any other Maybelline foundations that you can recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all


  1. THANKS!!! Saved me from buying these!!!

  2. I would actually like to try the C00 color to lighten other foundations that are too dark for me. Do you happen to know of any retailer in the US that carries these? Even is sold out of them. Thank you for this article. It's exactly what I've been looking for.


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