Rana Argan Oil Review

Hiya my loves. Sorry I haven't blogged until now this week, but I hope you are all doing well. I have done a little shopping so expect a Primark haul to come. I also saw my Mum on Friday which was great and spent time with my fella today. What have you all been up to this weekend?

Now on to today's review post :)

I was gifted with this product at the Bloggers Love London Fashion Week event. I was excited to try this product out so I will start with some information about it:

RANA Argan Oil is 100% pure, natural and organic. Free from additives or any other chemicals other than argan oil straight from the argan fruit making it suitable for sensitive skin. Nicknamed the 'miracle oil' due to it's mass benefits. Here are some examples of the benefits of using RANA Argan Oil:
Makes skin feel smooth, plump and healthy looking.

Gives hair a healthy looking shine, whilst at the same time repairing damaged, dry hair back to its full goodness.

Helps nails become stronger and shinier.

Relieves the appearance of acne.

Helps to reduce the signs of stretch marks and scars.

Reduces the signs of ageing.

Can be used on men for pre and post shaving.

Can also be used on baby's and children to soften skin and help prevent or alleviate the signs of rashes.

Great to use on all different types of skin conditions and issues.

Be advised that this product is made from argan nuts so if you are allergic to nuts then it is advised to not use this product!

My thoughts:
Face & Neck:
I absolutely love to use this product on my face and neck at night and when I am at home during the day not wearing make-up. Because it is an oil I would not use this product before applying make-up. This feels so nourishing on my face and neck. After cleansing my skin I use about four pumps to cover my face and neck. I massage it in in circular motions, really working it into my skin. I have very dry skin and I think it really works well at keeping it moisturised, plumped, smoothed and pampered. It does feel like a treatment when I apply this at night. I don't really have lines or wrinkles that are that noticeable yet and I don't suffer too much with spots, but overall the skin on my face looks more even and youthful. 
When my Mum saw me on Friday she asked me what I had been doing to my skin because I looked so young. I wasn't wearing any make-up at the time so this was a lovely compliment. I also got asked for ID in Morrisons the other day which made me so happy. Now I am not saying that it is all down to this product, but I do think my skin is looking and feeling better and more even because of it. 
Hands & Nails: 
I have tried this as a quick spritz on my hands and it does soak in really well. My nails are usually painted and pretty strong already so I haven't really noticed a difference in them as yet. 
I sprayed some on the ends of my hair to treat it one night. Because it's an oil it did make the ends look like there was product there so I would say it may work during the day for those with curls or afro hair, but to me it's more of a night time treatment to wash off the next day. 
On my body it felt nourishing too, but there was a layer on my skin that didn't soak in as well as some creams I have used. It didn't feel greasy like other body oils I have tried, but as I could feel it on my skin I wouldn't use this during the day on my body if I were to wear fitted trousers for example. I did this with another product before and spent the day at work with oil patches on my knees. I would say for those who like fake tan this is most likely a no no. As the skin on my face looks more even though I think it could work well for stretch marks.
I would totally recommend this product for reducing the signs of ageing, nourishing the skin and making it look more even. A great multitasker, but even if it only works for one skin issue I still think it's worth it.
There are are range of other products also available at RANA which you can check out in this link!
What benefits have you found for your skin using RANA Argan Oil? Have you tried any other products from the RANA range? Let me know with your thoughts in the comments below.

Love to you all


  1. I know a little bit about argan oil. The benefits of argan oil are many and endless. When used on the face, it prevents wrinkles, minimizes fine lines, restores elasticity and reduces redness and irritation. It also rehydrates dry hair, eases frizzy hair, nourishes weak nails, prevents stretch marks, soothes sunburn and softens cracked heels. argan oil benefits

    1. It's great to know that you love the benefits too Natalie :)


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