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Hi everyone. I have a very informative post for you today. I wish I could have written about my fantastic day out sooner, but I have been ill recently. I won't bore you with that and instead just tell you what this post is all about.

Next held a workshop on Monday 28th October as part of their #NBN (Next Blogger Network). I sent in my email hoping for a place and yay I was accepted. I promptly booked the day off work a few weeks before and waited for the day to arrive. 

Unfortunately the 28th October was the day of the storm where travelling became a waiting game. I stood at the train station for almost 2 hours and was close to going home when they announced a train was arriving. I swiftly made my way to The Hoxton Hotel a little windswept, but all in one piece. 

There were lots of bloggers already sipping their warm drinks and nibbling on croissants. I handed my coat over and received my wrist band saying which group I was in and a goodie bag with some useful and fun items.

As you can see I was gifted with a handy canvas bag, some snuggly angora slipper socks, a photo frame, a notebook and pen which came in very handy and a Xmas gift guide. There was a card for Snapchat Bingo too. During the day we were supposed to mark off the keywords on our card when we heard them and Snapchat them to next-official. The first three won a £100 Next gift card. I kept forgetting to check mine as I was engrossed in what the speakers were saying and making notes. 

There were 3 types of workshop and everyone was put in either group 1, 2 or 3. I was in group 2 and my first session was 'Brand & Advertising'.

Guest speakers during this workshop were Emily Johnston from Fashion Foie Gras and Abisola Omole from Abimarvel & The Apartment discussing working with brands and managing advertising. 

Emily's Top Tips

Abi's Top Tips

Then it was time for lunch .........

I opted for the chicken roll, some chips and a diet coke from the fridge. We could grab drinks any time of the day such as coffee, tea, water and soda drinks. I also had a brownie which was to die for, yum :)

The next workshop was 'Photography & Film'. Guest speakers during this workshop were Kit Lee from Style Slicker, Lily Pebbles from lilypebbles. & Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup sharing their film and photography tips as well as industry knowledge.

Kit's Top Tips

Lily & Anna's Top Tips

Then it was afternoon tea ......

I went for some chocolate cake and another diet coke.

The last workshop was 'SEO & Web Design' with guest speakers Faye Marie from Fashion Beauty Etc and Diego Puglisi from Greenlight talking about things such as SEO, coding and creating social media icons.

Faye's Top Tips

Diego's Top Tips & SEO explained

There was of course some Next fashion to peruse at the workshop too.

There was also a really cool tuck shop as well .....

I gave most of these to my fella, but I saved the cookie for a cup of tea that night :)

I had a fantastic time and learnt so much. I am so thankful to Gemma for accepting me into the workshop. I would definitely attend one again in the future. I think other companies should take on board what Next have accomplished here. Bloggers are a massive part of their advertising community so if they can help us to improve the way we blog then surely they will only profit.

Plus a day of learning can be fun too ;)

For more information on the Next Blogger Network click here!

Did you attend the Next #NBNWorkshop? If yes, was it worth going for you? If you didn't attend would you like to go next time? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Love to you all

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