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Hi my lovelies and Happy Friday! Yay for the weekend, whoop whoop :) I had to go out this morning for an appointment, but now I am in the warmth of my home with nothing but blogging on my mind so here I go :)

While out I picked up from the post office a gift that was sent to me from wholesomebling.com

The gift that I chose from their watch collection is the Purple Glitter Fabric Watch ~ £24.00

Once I unwrapped the cute sticker and material tie from the tissue paper the even cuter jam jar was revealed with the same sticker design and my watch inside. All of the watches come in these jam jars so they make great gifts, especially at Xmas time.

I went for this design because I thought the glitz was appropriate for this time of year.

So here is the watch from above and below my wrist. As you can see there is quite a bit of excess material from the fabric so I twisted and tucked it in. The reason there is so much excess fabric is because I didn't put it on properly when taking these photos. The fabric that loops through the watch should be pulled down from behind the back of the watch so that you can slide your hand through so it's like a bracelet. You then pull and tie it so that it feels comfortable on your wrist. There are many ways to tie it up really. I think it just depends if you prefer the material more on show or tucked in. Both are easy to do. 

The material is 100% cotton and can be removed to hand wash with warm water and soap. Gently iron if desired too. A cloth or chamois can be used to buff up the shiny surface of the watch. 

The fabric is hand pasted onto the dial of each watch and no two watch designs are the same.

The watches come with a small or big watch face for £22.00 or £24.00 each. Mine is a big watch face.

All watches are free delivery in the UK and come with a one year guarantee. The watches are splash proof, but not waterproof.

To celebrate the launch of Wholesome Bling they are offering a 10% discount at the moment by applying the code New10%off when you checkout.

Why not check out all of the Wholesome Bling range in this link! I quite like the peacock and skull designs too.

Are you a fan of fabric watches? Let me know your thoughts and your favourite Wholesome Bling designs in the comments below.

Love to you all

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