Hello again beauties. My last post for today is one I have been meaning to write for a while which is a suggestion to retailers. 

Have you ever bought a fashion, beauty or make-up item loving it so much that you would call it a favourite or a must have staple? I know I have. 

There are items in my wardrobe as well in my beauty and make-up collections that I have eeked out beyond their life expectancy. This is because I knew I couldn't go back and repurchase them as they had been simply discontinued. There are some items that make comebacks from time to time, but not very often. 

My suggestion to fashion and beauty stores and websites is this. How about offering a voting system that if enough customers add a product to their favourites/staples list then those retailers would consider keeping it as a permanent product. Obviously there would need to be a minimum number of voters. 

A subscription service for those wanting a guaranteed back up of those products could also be offered.

I think it would not only educate retailers in what their customers really want, but also keep them coming back for more instead of looking at similar items elsewhere. 

Retailers would be able to view your favourites list and suggest other items that you might like. Alerting you when those items are on offer.

I know for a fact that I would be one happy customer if I knew my favourite products were always there for me.

I would also like to know which are your favourite and not so favourite posts that I write with reasons why. If you have any suggestions for types of posts that I have not yet written I would consider those too. 

Please let me know your thoughts for future blog posts and also any comments you have on this post in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


  1. I love your make up reviews, but wish you would review one or two products at a time rather than many at once. I am a blog reader and actually love to read the reviews, when there is so much to read I tend to stop reading do to lack of time. I also enjoy your style posts. Hope that helps :))


    1. Thank you Tania. I will take that on board. I am planning on doing more style posts this year :) xx


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