Hi there cherubs. I am back with another post today including a couple of mascara reviews. 

I was first introduced to the A.K.A Cosmetics brand at their launch back in May 2012, Link! They have lots of gorgeous products which make-up lovers should check out for sure. This brown mascara was gifted to me at the event. I don't wear brown mascara too often, but you can see how it looks on in this FOTD post. On the lashes it is very natural in appearance and separates well. The bristle brush head is the usual mascara shape that tapers towards the tip. I forgot that I had this until recently. I have been using a brown mascara for my eyebrows which had just ran out so I thought that I would give this a go. It worked perfectly and the fact that it had dried out a little meant that it worked even better holding my brows in place. The writing on the packaging has worn off quite a bit though.

I received this mascara in my May 2013 GLOSSYBOX. This mascara made promises of curl, length, volume and care. It actually gave a nicely shaped curve and volume to the lashes with added length. I wouldn't say that there was any change to the condition of my lashes, but they are in a healthy condition anyway. This mascara had a deep black pigment and was very buildable to give a fuller effect. It did smudge under my eyes on the lower lashes, but I think that most mascaras do that I have been trying lately. I didn't really get much clumping with this mascara until it started drying out towards the end of use. The three bobble head bristle brush design is quite unusual and I wonder if this had something to do with the mascara not clumping together.

I am trying out another mascara at the moment and so I will update you of my thoughts on that soon.

What are your favourite mascaras and why? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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