Hi lovelies. I have a pampering product to talk with you about today that was kindly sent to me by BEAUTY KITCHEN.

Described as a silky rich bath & massage oil that nourishes and moisturises the body.

The scent of this product is so relaxing and gives you that warm zen feeling that will be perfect as the weather gets colder. Your senses are very much aware of the cinnamon and citrus scents as you breath it in.

I did not use this in the bath as that's not how I like to use oils, but as a massage oil oh my goodness. I never thought that I would notice the quality of an oil for this purpose, but I certainly did with this product.

I like that you can pour out droplets from the lid as it gives you more control with the amount you want to use. I would say 8-10 drops for a back massage is about enough.

I tried this on my boyfriend and he tried it on me too. The product makes massage so much easier as it helps your hands to glide over the skin without feeling greasy. Some oils I find absorb a little too quickly, but this product smoothed in nicely after 10 mins leaving the skin moisturised and nourished, but not tacky.

Afterwards you get to enjoy the scent lingering on your skin which is great if applied before bed because it helps you to relax.

This product also contains sesame seed oil which is full of zinc. This is an essential mineral for producing collagen to give skin elasticity. So that's where the anti-ageing part comes in.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Beauty Kitchen have plenty of skin care and body care products to choose from to suit all your needs. You can also search their site for products by scent too. Genius!

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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