My Birthday Gifts

Hi Everyone. What a rubbish day it is outside, but at least I'm not at work I guess. I have gathered my birthday gifts together to show those of you that are interested.

The girls at work got me this when we went to the Mexican restaurant last Wednesday. Please see that post here :) They know I love Hello Kitty. They also bought two chocolate cakes. We were all too stuffed from the Mexican to eat them so I left one at work for the others to eat and took one home to share with my family.

These cards and gifts are from friends at work.

These eye shadows came in this dinky little bag. So cute. The compact mirror has my name on it. Love it!

A pretty matching bracelet and earrings.

I do love candles so these are great. This is a set of four candles with a fresh and subtle scent.

This is the first product I own from Front Cover Cosmetics. This compact is so compact (not making a joke here). It's great that it comes with a mirror. At first glance I thought these were eye shadows that came with a black liquid liner, but it is clear so that you can turn your eye shadows into eyeliner. I have a very similar eyeliner product from Eyeko, but I think it's fab that this comes with it and the handy sleeve cover too.

This Baylis & Harding England Skin Spa set is from my man's Mum. All products included are scented rose, ylang ylang & patchouli. There are so many products included and these drawers will be handy for storage. 

 Face Cloth, Body Butter, Rich Intensive Body Cream & Steam Shower Body Cleanser.

The pretty drawer unit all the products came in.

Exfoliating Body Mitt, Soap, Body Polish, Silky Hand & Body Lotion, Steam Cream Wash & Steam Shower Body Cleanser.

 Mum gave me money for my birthday, but she wanted me to have something to open so she got me these lovely gifts.

Mum knows I am always looking for ways to brighten up my desk at work so these Hello Kitty stickers and fun pens will come in handy :)

I have loved The Wizard Of Oz since I was a kid as my Dad did. Mum managed to find these Limited Edition Film Cells from the film. So cool! If I ever get my own blogging room these will be going in there :)

These clothes are all from Hollister which my man bought for me. I know how much they are because I picked them up at Xmas when I was with him. The vests are £20 each and the check shirts are £44 each. I almost put the shirts back as I wouldn't normally spend that much on this sort of thing, but they are great quality and fit so well. The vests fit nicely too.

I also received money from my team at work and my other half's family which is always handy :)

I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone that sent me a card and/or gave me a gift. I ♥ it all :)

I have only included prices of things that I know as I don't want to go searching because they were gifts. I hope you all understand :)

Love to you all


  1. Oooo those Bayliss & Harding drawers are sooo cute!! Love the Hollister things too, it's so expensive in there but the clothes are such good quality!!



    1. They are cute and so handy to use for storage. I don't usually shop in Hollister which is why it's so nice to get pressies :) x

  2. Lucky girl! I like the shirts :)

    1. I am so lucky. I love the fit and colours of the shirts :) x


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