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Hello Darlings. It's Saturday and I'm up early because my boyfriend had to get up to go to work so I thought I'd write this post. I have been off work this week and have managed to get a few things done including writing some posts and sorting through my things at home. I do love a good clear out as it makes me feel refreshed. I have been wanting to purchase some storage for my make-up for some time from Muji. You know the acrylic storage that so many of you lovely gals have. It looks great, keeps everything neat and tidy and is so good because you can see where everything is easily. Because of Xmas and having so many birthdays to buy for lately I have been holding off, but for now I thought why not make use of what I have. This is what I came up with.

I have made good use of my beauty boxes that I purchased from GlossyBox, Feelunique and Boudoir Prive/JolieBox. I think they look cute. I had to label them as I can not see what products are inside. That's why I need the Muji storage. The heart gem stickers are from Poundland. I wanted to make the boxes look a bit more girly and to make the label stickers look less boring. I have used a couple of glasses that we had in the kitchen to store make-up brushes and tattoo pens. I have my E.L.F. Studio Daily Brush Cleaner next to my make-up brushes to encourage me to keep them clean. I used my E.L.F. Studio Brush Shampoo to clean my make-up brushes a couple of days ago. I keep that in my bathroom. I have made use of the the box that my Fearne Perfect Polish collection came in. Please see my post including that collection here :) I needed a separate storage for these pigments because some of the ones I have are a bit messy when you open them as they escape from the containers. It's handy that it's partly transparent on top so I can see the products more easily and it has a pull out drawer just like the feelunique beauty boxes. This Baylis & Harding storage is great. I included this in my My Birthday Gifts post. Please find that here :)

I ran out of beauty boxes so I used some containers that I bought from Poundland. I got 8 tubs in a pack for £1.00. These are great because they are so cheap, but when you keep opening and closing them they do have a tendency to crack. To write on the boxes and tubs I have used Sharpie pens. I bought these ages ago. I think they were from Poundland too. I used the same Poundland heart gems that I used to decorate my beauty boxes. My glitter body art kit is shown here. I have never used it since I picked it up last year at Olympia Beauty (shame on me). I will definitely use it in some fun make-up looks this year. The vanity case includes Strictly Come Dancing make-up. My Mum bought me this set for my birthday in 2011. I love the sparkle on it.

I am really bad at making use of all my make-up palettes as I had them in a Soap & Glory 'hat style' box. I like that they are out on display now. I have a small fridge in my bedroom that my boyfriend bought for me years ago one Xmas. I keep drinks in it. This is what my make-up palettes are on top of.

These are my make-up brush cases/rolls. They are very handy for me as I travel between my house, my boyfriend's house and work all the time. The one on the left was from Asda about a year ago and the one on the right is a Hello Kitty Liberty set that I received as a gift for Xmas. Please see that post here :)

This is my Asda roll. I have a mixture of make-up brushes here from E.L.F., a Strictly Come Dancing Set, JolieBox, Crown Brush, No7, Royal & Langnickel and the rest came with the make-up roll itself from Asda.

This is my Hello Kitty Liberty make-up brush set.

I have just thrown away my make-up bag as it was getting too dirty and I wanted a bigger bag as I use more make-up products daily now. My old make-up bag was really good as it was clear so when you wanted to grab for a product you could see where it was in the bag rather then scrambling through lots of products. It was just a bag that I received as part of a gift toiletry set for either a birthday or a Xmas? This Hello Kitty Liberty bag I received as part of a gift set this Xmas which is shown in the same link above as the Hello Kitty Liberty Make-up brushes. These are the make-up products that I have with me today. I do have some products which I use every day, but there are some that I change over a lot as I get bored so easily and I like to experiment with different looks.

This is the Primark make-up/toiletry bag that I picked up recently and posted about in my January 2012 Sales Haul here. To make my life easier to carry all of these bits around I have put everything shown above in this to keep it all together.

I was thinking of going to Imats London on Sunday 5th February and it's still playing on my mind, but with the amount of make-up that I have I am trying to be a good girl and not buy any more for now. Also the ticket is £45.00. By the time I pay for my train ticket and food/drink on the day it works out pretty expensive. Obviously it's great for discounts though. I went to Imats London in 2011 and I loved it. I would recommend going if you are a make-up lover. 

I hope this post has given you some ideas for storing your make-up and making use of things you may already have. If you would like a more in depth look at products and brushes that I have please let me know. Also if you would like to know my most used/favourite specific items let me know that as well. By this I mean foundation, bronzer, mascara, highlighter etc. If you have any storage ideas that you think are useful then let me know in the comments below.

Are any of you lovelies going to Imats this year? I am really trying to hold back and not buy a ticket :)

Love to you all

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