My Xmas Presents: Part 2

Hello my fabulous Darlings. I managed to take the rest of my Xmas presents back to my place today from my other half's. These presents are from my man and his family. I said I would show you these presents too so here they are.

I have some fabulous gifts here. The shades of the Fearne Cotton lip glosses and nail varnishes are lush and the false eyelashes are great too. I love all my Hello Kitty goodies. They are so cute. The make-up brushes actually feel quite nice, but I will have to try them to see what they are like to work with.

This DKNY perfume I received from my fella last Xmas, but his Dad actually got me this set this Xmas. It is a nice perfume which I have now run out of so it's nice to have. The Soap & Glory trolley case with toiletries and vouchers my man knew I liked so I knew I had this. I didn't care though as it's gorgeous and the perfect size to take some things round to his house.

I got some great basic toiletries here. My boyfriend's Mum always does a bag of things like this every Xmas. She knows I like these cotton buds, deodorant and face wipes, but it's cool as I will use it all. I have left a razor, pack of wipes and a toothpaste at my boyfriend's that I got with this lot too. love the wee desk calendar. I was hoping I would get one :)

I picked these tops out so I know how much these were. The Hollister vest on the left was £20.00 and the Vero Moda tops on the right were just the bargain price of £2.00 each. The one on top is long sleeve, but the ones underneath are all short sleeve.

I chose these two dresses from H&M as well. I already have this in Black which I bought for £10.00 at the time in the sale. I wore it to a Xmas night out with people from work. These two had been further reduced to just £7.00 each so I just had to have them.

I was eyeing these House Of Holland Pretty Polly suspender tights in lots of shops and my boyfriend gave me the money to go and get them as he didn't want to pick the wrong ones up. He saw these H&M knee high socks on a mannequin and liked the look so got these for me. These Primark slipper socks are leopard print so what's not to love?

I went on to lots of people about this Dorothy Perkins dressing gown as I do love leopard print and this feels all snugly and warm. I really like the hood on it too. I was well chuffed to get this.

My boyfriend hates buying me clothes as he never knows if he is buying the right size or if I will wear it so we went to Bluewater together and I picked out these jeans from Zara. I think these were about £30.00?

I chose these Hollister jeans also. The lower pair are more like jeggings really. I think these were about £40.00 each.

Apologies for the creasing of the clothes folks, but these clothes have been in bags since before Xmas. A massive thank you to my lovely boyfriend and his family for all these lush gifts. I do appreciate all of my gifts and I know I have been spoiled, but I spoiled others too so I don't feel too guilty ;)

For anyone interested here is part 1, Link :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! This is my first post of 2012 and it won't be my last :)

Love to you all


  1. Such wonderful gifts, love the bath stuff!

  2. I was tempted by that soap and glory set but ended up getting the big splendor one instead. Looks as if you were well and truly spoilt :) Hope you have a chance to show swatches of those Fearne polishes too. Happy new years!

  3. @Enigma - I will make sure to do the swatches for you Hunny. Happy New Year xx

  4. Wow, lovely stuff :) I am v jealous of the Soap n Glory!!



  5. @Emma - I am in love with the Soap & Glory case x

  6. wow! lucky you!



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