Dorothy Perkins Jewellery Sale Haul

Hi All. I popped up town today and while there I got a couple of things. I want to share with you in this haul the jewellery I got in Dorothy Perkins in the sale. 

Bracelets reduced from £8.50 each to £2.00 each

I think these will be really pretty for summer, especially because of the candy shades. They are so easy to wear separately, together or with other jewellery.

I really wanted this set for the cross ring, but as this came with the other rings I'm sure I will use the others and perhaps stack them.

I love (yes I said love) this set of four rings. They are really cute and cool at the same time. I really like that I can wear the V ring on it's own as well as it's my initial :) I have a plaster on my thumb as I managed to slice it open when detaching these rings from the bloomin' packaging :(

One of these sets of rings was originally £12.50 and the other set was originally £10.00. One set was reduced to £2.00 and the other set was reduced to £3.00. Sorry I can't tell you which set is which as I was bleeding quite a bit and mixed up the packaging, oops!

So that's my wee jewellery haul. Some great bargains for a whopping wee total of just £9.00. That's £9.00 for 8 rings and 2 bracelets. Love it :)

Have you found any great jewellery recently or anything else in the sales? Do any of these products appeal to you?

Love to you all


  1. Wow some brilliant finds. I saw those bracelets too and wishing I'd bought them now as look fab xx

    1. They had a fair few left in the store I went to so I hope you can get your hands on them xx


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