June 2012 Empties

Hi there loves. I hope your weekend has been great so far. Today I want to get straight into this post as I have a lot of empty products that I have used up in June. Here is a brief review of them all.

Handy Wipes, Cotton Pads, Eye Make-Up Remover, Collagen Filler & Face Cream

Left To Right:

Me To You 80 Handy Wipes Orange Scented ~ £1.00

Previously reviewed here.

2 x Johnson's Baby Cotton Pads ~ 99p Each Pack

Previously reviewed here.

Pure Revitalising Eye Make-Up Remover ~ £1.00

Previously reviewed here.

Superdrug Optimum Line Decrease Collagen Filler

I think this product is usually around £7.00, but I can't find it on the Superdrug website. I got it a bit cheaper at the time though. I wanted to try a different face serum so I gave this a go. It is said to smooth wrinkles and fill in fine lines. It directs you to use it morning and night on cleansed skin. My routine is to use a face wash in the shower, face scrub (twice a week only), then use a cleanser/make-up remover, toner, face serum and finally a moisturiser. Unfortunatley this didn't really do anything for me. It has a pleasent neutral scent and is a nice cream, but I noticed absolutley no difference to my lines and wrinkles.

I received this product in my May GlossyBox. This was a nice cream to use, but it's just not the type of scent that appeals to me.

Bath/Shower Gel, Bubble Bath, Body Scrub & Cotton Buds

Left To Right:

Noble Isle Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel, £20.00 for 250ml on nobleisle.com

I received this in my May GlossyBox where you can see my thoughts.

Hello Kitty Liberty Bath Bubbles x 2

I received these 200ml/75ml bottles at Xmas time. You can find that post here. I love the scent and the packaging of these products. Just adorable. Unfortunately these were only available around Xmas time at Boots, but you may be able to search for them on Ebay or Amazon.

Soap & Glory Flake Away ~ Various Prices On ebay.co.uk

I received this product for Xmas too. That post is here. Although I like the scent of this product I don't like the way it feels when I apply it. I can feel the sweet almond oil in it. It's a little sticky and bitty. It makes me skin feel like it's getting a little warm. Not irritated or anything though.

Johnson's 200 Cotton Buds ~ £1.00 at tesco.com

I always throw the lids away on these so that's why it's not in my photo. These are just handy to use for make-up touch ups and to clean my ears. Nice huh!

Body Spray, Body Butter, Shimmer Gel & Fragrance/Perfume

Left To Right:

Hello Kitty Liberty Body Spray

I received this in my Xmas gifts. That post is here. Again this was available in Boots at Xmas time, but you may be able to find it on Ebay or Amazon. The packaging and scent are lovely, but the spray bottle stopped working half way through using it which was annoying.

Gorgeous By Gok Rich Moisturising Body Butter x 2

These products I again received for Xmas, Link. Most people I know know I love this range. The packaging is so girly I just love it, but it's the scent that really gets me. It's quite rich and warming. You could go out without perfume or body spray if you apply this because the scent of this cream is gorgeous enough on it's own. I am not a fan of body butters because they get under my nails, but that wasn't a problem until I neared the end of the jars. This range again has been out only at Xmas exclusive to Boots, but it has come out for the last two years so I will be asking for more from the range if it's out again this Xmas. There are lots of links for this on Ebay so have a search if you fancy it.

Avon Spotlight Moisturising Shimmer Gel

I purchased this product in an Avon sale for 75p. You can see that post here. This gel has silver shimmers which look pretty in the sunlight, but make sure to wash your hands after applying it or everything will have shimmer on it. I am not bothered by the scent, but it is just a little bit chemically. I could not find this on the Avon website, but I found it on ebay.co.uk for 99p.

Please see my May GlossyBox post for my initial thoughts on this scent, Link. This is so gorgeous I really do want a bottle. Maybe I will put it on my Xmas wishlist this year.

Floss, Hand Cream & 2 x Foundation

Left To Right:

Boots Dental Floss ~ £1.89 for 50m

I have been using this product for ages. I like to floss every evening and this works fine.

Soap & Glory Hand Food

I think I received this product at Xmas time. I have purchsed this many times before as I like the scent. This tube however smelt a little pasty and was a bit watery so I think I had a dud one. I found this on ebay.co.uk for various prices.

Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum SPF 15 (Light Ivory 40)

This is one of if not the best foundation I have tried so far. The only problem for me is that this shade is a little too light and the shade Natural 50 that was sent to me for free was a little too dark. You can see my review of shade Natural 50 here. I did make this shade Light Ivory 40 work a little better for me however by mixing it with my Eyeko Tinted Cream, but I found I used more product this way. There are so many links on Ebay for this where you can find a price to suit you.

Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation (Creamy Ivory 40)

I love how compact this product is. I bought this at the same time that I bought the other foundation above when Boots were having a 3 for 2 as I was curious about it. The shade is quite light, but it matches ever so slightly better than the foundation above. The texture of this product is creamy and smooth. It was so easy to apply this with the sponge provided. The sponge worked really well without leaving any streaks on my face. The jar was very hard to twist open on my very first use, but once opened it was fine. I plan on keeping this to put tester foundations in and I will keep the sponge as it works so well. This is a brilliant product if you just can't be bothered with spending more than two minutes if that applying your foundation. Mum's on the go please note. My only downfall with this is it did show up dry patches on my forehead and eyebrows. If you are prone to dry skin like me you may not like it for that reason. This gives light to medium coverage. I found this on lloydspharmacy.com for £12.99 and cosmetics-skincare.co.uk for just £6.99.

The products I would buy in the future:

Me To You 80 Handy Wipes Orange Scented

Johnson's Baby Cotton Pads

 Johnson's 200 Cotton Buds

Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum

 Boots Dental Floss

Soap & Glory Hand Food

Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum SPF 15 (Light Ivory 40) 

Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation (Creamy Ivory 40)

So that's the lot people. I hope you found these reviews helpful. Which products have you been loving and loathing in June?

Love to you all

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