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Hello you beauts. How are you on this fine Sunday morning? I hope fabulous. Today I want to show you some products from a brand named Helen É Cosmetics. I received one of their Long Lasting Lipstick's in my last GlossyBox and gave my initial impressions which you can see here. I have been asked to review some more of their products which were sent to me for free and so I thought I would show them off in a FOTN post.

So here are my thoughts on the Helen É Cosmetics:

 Stage Foundation Ultimate Performance Liquid Make-up For All Skin Types (Monroe - Very Fair Skin), £20.00 for 35ml


Helen É Cosmetics, the Make-up Sponsor of the Miss England Competition have taken inspiration from iconic actresses when developing the Stage range. It is aimed at professional Make-up Artists and customers alike. The Stage Range is made up of Stage Liquid Foundation in four shades, Stage Matte Mousse Foundation in three shades, Eyelights, Stage Eye Shadow Primer and Cheek Radiance in two shades. The collection is available from the Helen É Cosmetics website and selected stockists now, priced between £8 and £24.99. 

When I heard the term 'stage make-up' I did think this foundation was going to be heavy duty and very mask like, but it is quite the opposite. It feels as light as a BB Cream and is buildable. I would say it gives a medium to full coverage without being dry or cakey. Great for my dry skin. It does not streak and lasts very well. I am still undecided if this shade is right for me, but it is the lightest of the four. I am not too sure if it's a little too yellow on my skin, but let me know your thoughts. This foundation is paraben and fragrance free. It comes in a squeezy tube with a screw top.

Chunky Twist-Up Miracle Concealer, £8.00 for 3.5g

I have never used this style of concealer before. I expected this to cling to dry patches everywhere and not apply very well. This is a correcting concealer which should be used to neutralise dark pigmentation or shadow before applying a skin smoother or foundation. I always apply my concealer after my foundation otherwise I think you just end up ruining the effect of the concealer or wiping it away all together. I used this under my eyes and on blemishes. I have to say this worked really well. It comes in just one shade which I thought may be a little too deep for my skin tone, but it blended in easily. This may be because the foundation is a little more yellow than I am used to as well though. It did crease just a bit when I initially applied it under my eyes, but when I corrected this and used a setting spray to seal all of my make-up there was no further creasing. This also covered my blemishes pretty well. I used it on my eyes as a shadow base too and it did not crease there. The pencil did start to get a little loose a couple of days ago though and start dropping forward a bit without the need to twist up.

Powder Blusher (Candylicious), £7.00 for 2.5g

This coral blusher is pigmented and easily buildable. It's a little hard to tell in the photos because my cheeks are naturally flushed from rushing around getting ready after shower, but this is a really pretty, wearable shade that I think shows up best in the 1st and 3rd photos. I also used this on my eyelids on another day and it really made my blue eyes pop. This has a very secure click shut compact with a transparent lid. There are 5 shades in this blusher range.

Cheek Radiance (Oyster), £10.00 for 5g

This product is said to add a flush of colour to your cheeks or to be used as a highlighter for the cheekbones, brow bones, collar bones and shoulders. This is another twist up product. Inside the pop off lid there is another cap, but I'm not really too sure of it's purpose as I think the click shut lid is sufficient. This comes in two shades. The one I have is a peachy golden highlight with glitter particles. I found the best way to apply this was to apply a fair amount to the back of my hand and use the tip of my finger to dab it on where needed. I applied this product on top of my cheekbones, on my cupids bow and a little down my nose. On another day I applied this too my eyes to add a very subtle shimmer. I think this added a nice highlighting sheen to my cheekbones and the cupids bow. It leaves a trace of a few particles of glitter on my cheeks which didn't bother me, but that may not be for everyone if you just want the sheen effect.

Long Lasting Lip Colour, £8.00 for 3.5g

Left: Blush

Centre: Coral

Right: Hollywood Red

Blush (shown in the photos above) is a very natural rose lip shade that is one of those 'my lips but better' tones. I find these lipsticks so moisturising. They are not drying at all and the pigment in them lasts so well. It barely fades at all and does not go patchy so great for an all day event or a night out. I like the clear packaging at the top so that I can actually see what the shade is inside at a glance. There are 21 shades in this range of both cream and pearlised colours, including neutral and more vibrant tones. I really want to try some more as I am so impressed by them. My only fault is that the stickers do tend to come off so that's a bit annoying if you want to repurchase a shade and can't remember it's name.

The next two lip swatches were applied by using my I-Phone camera to apply them on the weekend while making breakfast as I was trying to catch the sunlight so please excuse the not so neat looking lips. Photos were taken with my digital camera though.


This is actually a really nice nude shade. Not too pale and deathly as some nude shades can make you look. I think this is very wearable for many skin tones. Unfortunately this one snapped while using and I didn't use extreme pressure so that was a real shame.

 Hollywood Red

Just wow. This was an amazing colour to wear and is not for the faint hearted. This lasted so well throughout the day considering it's vibrancy.

Other products I used in this FOTN are:

No7 Exceptional Definition Nutrient Enriched Mascara Black

E.L.F. Studio Translucent Matifying Powder

Peacocks Quad Palette (White Shimmer Shade)

E.L.F. Studio Mist & Set

Overall I am very impressed by this range of products from Helen É Cosmetics. I am totally in love with their lipsticks and want to try out more products too.

CEO Helen Elowe also has a blog called Helen's Make-up Tips where you can discover more about Helen É Cosmetics with helpful tips and advice. I think it's great when brands back up their products with advice on how to actually use them. I believe it gives consumers the confidence to work with the items they have purchased and perhaps try new things.

Have you tried any Helen É Cosmetics? Which products are your likes and dislikes and why? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

neutralises dark pigmentation or shadow before you apply your Skin Smoother or foundation. - See more at:


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