99 Calories Or Less Crisps

Hi Everyone. How are we all today? I thought I would just pop on this quick post to share with you a very light snack that I enjoy from time to time. It is both cheap and low calorie.

99p Stores Tayto Advantage Oven Baked Whisps

3 x French Onion, 99 calories per 21g pack. Contain milk, soya, sugar and sweetener.

3 x Texan Grill, 98 calories per 21g pack. Contain milk, wheat, barley, gluten and soya.

These taste really good. They are shaped like pasta shells and are nice and crunchy. The packs have quite a lot of crisps in so they are filling too.

I think these are great for when you just have to have a packet of crisps.

What are your favourite low calorie snacks? Do you have any healthy home made suggestions? Feel free to add your comments below.

Love to you all


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