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Hi Everyone. Are you feeling happy today? I hope you are. I have a few products to tell you about that I have been using in the bathroom so here we go :)

Left: Morrisons Shave Gel, 200ml

For those of you that are new to my blog I usually do my weekly shop in Morrisons and sometimes pick up beauty products along the way. They have great everyday basics and this is my latest product of the bunch I have tried. This is suitable for sensitive skin and dermatologically tested. The product itself is a green gel that lathers into a nice creamy texture perfect to prep the skin for shaving. I think this was about £1.00 so it's great value. The only thing is try not to push down too much on the dispenser as too much product comes out and gets wasted. Other than that it's great and one that I already have repurchased. It contains aloe and has a subtle, clean scent.

Centre: Superdrug Essentials 10 Disposable Twin Blade Razors (One Shown Only), 99p

These have a fixed head and a lubricant strip which I hadn't noticed until writing this review if I'm honest. These are absolutely brilliant and fantastic value. They give a great close shave, but they are sharp and I have nicked myself a couple of times from not being careful so that's my fault. I have already repurchased these and will do so again.

Right: Simple Kind To Skin Invigorating Shower Gel, £2.09 for 250ml

I received this product as a Xmas gift. There is no perfume or colour in this product. The Simple products I have previously used are as the name suggests simple. They never seem to have much of an odour or harsh feeling so are probably used most by sensitive skins. I like the smell of the mint in this, but when I actually used it I didn't notice the mint fragrance much in the shower. When using the end of the product it was pretty hard to get it all out and I do hate product waste so perhaps the packaging is something they could look into.

So that's my reviews for today. What are your favourite shaving products? Do you like Morrisons basics? Do you have any Simple product favourites? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all


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