Announcement: More! Magazine Will Be No More

Hey there my loves. Monday's are always a bit hmpf after the weekend and I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I thought I should mention this to those that may not have heard. 

(photo & announcement from

I am not currently subscribed to more! magazine, but I have picked it up in the years passed and think it's a sad turn of events as I know it is still popular with a lot of you. If you want to grab your last issue then you must do so on Tuesday 23rd April (tomorrow as I write this post).

I hope that everyone from more! magazine goes on to have a happy and fruitful career wherever they may be.

Love to you all


  1. So gutted about this! I love my more! magazine, was subscribed to it through all of my uni life and there's just nothing else like it out on the market, so I'm gonna miss it dearly. ;(

    1. Aww so sorry my sweet. I hope you enjoy other magazines too :(


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